Find me at Colorwerx

There are many places of business that perform design jobs. They can do small scale printing or large scale printing. They design customer t-shirts, hats, and hoodies. Companies who are purely there to help you for designing websites, creating them and maintaining them. Other companies make videos and animations to help those websites, ­h­­owever some companies manage to do some of those projects or most of those. Colorwerx manages to do all of those.

Colorwerx is a privately owned located in Long Island City at 4700 Northern Blvd, Long Island City, NY 11101. It’s a big warehouse building that has its own printing and screen printing machines and a huge room to conduct photo shoots and music videos.  They then have a room where all the designers work and can collaborate openly and discuss projects and ideas.

Colorwerx use to be three seperate companies but would collaborate and run projects together. They decided that they could all bring their skills, assets, and tools together and create a better business and brand. So in 2016 they came together and created Colorwerx.

Colorwerx has a huge range of clients, from rappers, artist, construction companies and schools. Colorwerx main source of income is the fact that they can all help sell t-shirt printing, stickers, hats, and other accessories. This service also is available to everyone and anyone can use it to help their brand identity or to help get uniforms for a company.

I have been shown and taught how the screen printing orders are done and how they also function. I was shown how everything goes from clients to orders and then to printing and packaging. I was also shadowed a few people on their daily duties and what is expected when we are given a clients task with web maintenance. I will be shown multiple areas and work in every department everyday when there are certain jobs they believe I can shadow or even help in.


Screen printing is done in house at colorwerx