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Self Promotion Midterm

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My strategy will be mailing and share them a link to my work in a website called “issuu”. I have used this website from old class work, I was able to make a booklet for my photos. They are different booklets for different ideals that I see similar views to. However, some of the ideals have only a page on Instagram or websites only. But there is multiple ways contact them if its not through email. I have two ideals for each category which are buildings, flowers, animals, landscape and models.


Overall, I learned so much with the drawing I have done. I came into foundation drawing not knowing much about parallines, the grid system, etc.. Once I went to each classes I learned each so much and I was able to create drawing that I enjoyed doing.

Podcast Opinion

The podcast is mainly about internet trolls and also the design about the shading in the first two minutes. Its not really all about color but just about the tone of shading.

New York Times color article

The article mainly about how color itself can be reality of how the world is pictured. The way the color is shown is the way the world can be in reality. Its opens the audience mind to what color in art can actually do to your mind.

3 Companies Interest To Work For

These three companies I would be interest to work for. One is a website for designers to create and make logos or to make a web page. Second one would be the Mta, which would be a good way to show a design to make the trains or buses a little better. Last one would be online shopping and store related for women and it would be a good interesting work to design a logo for their company.

Transparency Work

The first picture is very successful due to the fact that the lines are transparent to the sun. The second picture is a glass which is see through but how the design of the glass is like interest me. The third picture is transparent with almost similar colors but not too much. Theres two different types of yellow in the picture.