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Blog 4 Internship

I will be talking about the work place for me, the times I work and how we communicate with each other in the company. We communicate through Discord, where the meetings takes place as well. I work remotely because the company is located in Virginia, I keep in contact with the boss and send him updates on how the business cards are coming out. The hours I work is flexible which means I could start at any time and end at any time. However, for me I ended deciding I work Monday and Thursday for five hours. But if I wanted to work another day I can as well. Since this is flexible and I want to be responsible I end up working those days consistently.

Blog 3 (Event)

I went to an event called Creative mornings NYC (Audience takes the stage (Spectrum) ). The host name was named Tina Roth Elsenberg. Through this event there was three guest speakers who ere talking about the word spectrum. They talked about their lives and how far they got into their work life. It was through Zoom, and there was a breakout groups where I got to meet two people. I wasn’t able to get their full name because the breakout session wasn’t long enough. The whole presentation was at least an hour and 30 minutes. I did enjoyed seeing so many faces in the event. There was a least 200 people attended the event.

I would definitely joined the event again because everyone there who was the staff were very energetic in the mornings. They did fun trivia games as well, and everyone had smiles on their faces. This whole event was virtual and very fun to be attending.

Blog 1 internship

I started my first week working remotely with a company called “Running Name LLC”. The company is based in Virginia and I was able to meet another graphic designer. This was my first time ever experiencing the real life work in graphic design. The company is small/medium size, its almost a start up company. The interview with the CEO of the company went very well, I dressed well as if it was a real interview. I was able to get the job position as a graphic designer. The company helps people that who want their website created, business cards, brands, etc…

I couldn’t find articles of the company since its probably because its a still rising up slowly. However I did check on google reviews where at least 4 people reviewed it, the comments are liking the way the company gets the job done.

Blog 2 Internship

Blog 2 into the internship, I am already working on business cards for one of the clients. My supervisor is Paul which also the CEO of the company. I had interview through google meets,  and it was exactly by him Paul. I found the internship on one of the websites that the professor provided He sent me a template to prepare for the interview. This template had questions on it that he might asked, I wrote on it thinking I could use it as template. Instead he viewed the answers I have written down and he asked me questions more about me. The interview went for 30 minutes before class started. That same day at night he gave me an answer that I have be accepted to work at his company.

Self Promotion Midterm

animals ^





My strategy will be mailing and share them a link to my work in a website called “issuu”. I have used this website from old class work, I was able to make a booklet for my photos. They are different booklets for different ideals that I see similar views to. However, some of the ideals have only a page on Instagram or websites only. But there is multiple ways contact them if its not through email. I have two ideals for each category which are buildings, flowers, animals, landscape and models.


Overall, I learned so much with the drawing I have done. I came into foundation drawing not knowing much about parallines, the grid system, etc.. Once I went to each classes I learned each so much and I was able to create drawing that I enjoyed doing.

Podcast Opinion

The podcast is mainly about internet trolls and also the design about the shading in the first two minutes. Its not really all about color but just about the tone of shading.

New York Times color article

The article mainly about how color itself can be reality of how the world is pictured. The way the color is shown is the way the world can be in reality. Its opens the audience mind to what color in art can actually do to your mind.