Blog Fifteen

This is my last blog post, this will be explaining my whole experience of working in a small company as a Graphic Designer Intern. At the beginning I was really nervous and I was shy at first. I was so nervous I didn’t know how I was going to put my timesheet or how the client was going to feel about my designs. I was really doubting myself saying “what if’s” but I never said I could do it, but once the boss explained to me everything and how to start working I felt kinda ready. Once I had clients to work logos on or business cards I just did what I always do what I had projects. Brainstorm ideas, sketches, feedback and communication. Throughout my days working for the company I ended up feeling a lot better and got better designs for clients. The clients ended up loving the designs I did for them which made me feel great. From there I just kept on doing more and more work, even the boss was liking my work. At first it doesn’t get likes but as you keep editing it then it gets better. By the end the boss and clients really love my work, I’m still going to be working until the last day of my internship with the company but overall, it was a great experience.


Internship Experience

The link above is my google slides for my internship experience.