Blog 3 (Event)

I went to an event called Creative mornings NYC (Audience takes the stage (Spectrum) ). The host name was named Tina Roth Elsenberg. Through this event there was three guest speakers who ere talking about the word spectrum. They talked about their lives and how far they got into their work life. It was through Zoom, and there was a breakout groups where I got to meet two people. I wasn’t able to get their full name because the breakout session wasn’t long enough. The whole presentation was at least an hour and 30 minutes. I did enjoyed seeing so many faces in the event. There was a least 200 people attended the event.

I would definitely joined the event again because everyone there who was the staff were very energetic in the mornings. They did fun trivia games as well, and everyone had smiles on their faces. This whole event was virtual and very fun to be attending.