Levant Journal (Peer Reviewed) Article Contribution


Macaulay-Lewis, Elizabeth, and Ross Burns. “A Roman Monumental Building in South-east Damascus?” Levant 47.1 (2015): 93-111. Web.

Link to Journal Article: EML_RB_Levant_Article

I worked closely with Elizabeth Macaulay-Lewis, Ph.D and Jeffrey Burden, Ph.D to provide visual analysis and documentation on Bayt Farhi, an important Late Ottoman era house in Damascus. The peer reviewed article focuses on the Roman remains within the fabric of this house.

My drawings provide a context floor plan of the Ottoman era house, diagram the location of the Roman wall within the fabric of the house, document the elevation of the Roman wall, analyze the orientation of the fabric of the house to determine possible connection of the fabric of the house to the ancient Roman grid of Damascus, and analyze the dimensional relationship between the walls of the house and the Roman grid.

Each of my drawings is credited to me and to Jeffrey Burden, my partner at the Building History Project Lab. In our Lab I took the lead role of this project, producing all the drawings. I am also included in the Acknowledgements as providing assistance to the study.

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