Steering Committee

As a first year faculty member, I was nominated to serve as the Chair of the newly created department Steering Committee. I served in this role for 4 years altogether, supporting both Robert Zagaroli and Shelley Smith in their terms as chair of the department. Our committee leads the strategic planning efforts of our department through tracking and addressing major issues identified by the faculty. I have lead this committee since its inception, developing the agenda and meeting notes and guiding the discussion of important topics for our department. Over the course of ny tenure as chair, we typical held monthly meetings with Chair Shelley Smith.

The charge of this committee, based on faculty input, was the following:

RE-INVENT THE VISION: cyclical re-evaluation and revision

CURRICULUM: submit major curriculum proposal

TEAM WORK: continue to build bonds and team spirit among faculty

COMMUNICATION: continue to build infrastructure and protocols to improve communication

RESOURCES AND STAFFING: improve support of Adjunct faculty and facilitate CLT hiring

THEORETICAL / ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: facilitate debate on role of Theory and Technology in teaching

FACILITIES AND SPACE NEEDS: track and communicate facility issues to college administration

Examples of Agenda and Meeting Notes:

steering committee agenda_20131029

subcommittee reports_2013_spring compiled

steering committee notes_20130319

steering committee notes_20130430 copy 2

steering committee meeting planner