Assignment #10 thumbnails




Panel 1- Low angle ots shot of employee (Luna) with boss standing over her frustrated

Panel 2- Counter shot, low angle of Luna with boss pacing in front of her work space

Panel 3- Close up, eye level shot of Luna smirking as her boss keeps yelling.

Panel 4- Extreme close up of her picking up the Lunatik touch pen and scribbles notes of what the boss is saying

Panel 5- ¾, eye level shot of boss reading off list with Luna in background.

Panel 6- Low angle, tilted shot of Luna swiping notes away and making room for her Cintiq tablet.

Panel 7- Extreme close up of her clicking the pen to conceal the writing tip and become solely a stylus.

Panel 8- Birds eye view of Cintiq tablet with her design work loaded on the screen and her making adjusts with the touch pen

Panel 9- Low angle ¾ view of her working on tablet and boss still pacing.

Panel 10- Medium shot of boss in foreground surprised as Luna exclaims “done!”

Panel 11- Extreme close up of boss looking bewildered at his employee and then glances down at pen.

Panel 12- Wide shot as Luna gets up to leave and boss stands frozen and bewildered.

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