Assignment #10 thumbnails




Panel 1- Low angle ots shot of employee (Luna) with boss standing over her frustrated

Panel 2- Counter shot, low angle of Luna with boss pacing in front of her work space

Panel 3- Close up, eye level shot of Luna smirking as her boss keeps yelling.

Panel 4- Extreme close up of her picking up the Lunatik touch pen and scribbles notes of what the boss is saying

Panel 5- ¾, eye level shot of boss reading off list with Luna in background.

Panel 6- Low angle, tilted shot of Luna swiping notes away and making room for her Cintiq tablet.

Panel 7- Extreme close up of her clicking the pen to conceal the writing tip and become solely a stylus.

Panel 8- Birds eye view of Cintiq tablet with her design work loaded on the screen and her making adjusts with the touch pen

Panel 9- Low angle ¾ view of her working on tablet and boss still pacing.

Panel 10- Medium shot of boss in foreground surprised as Luna exclaims “done!”

Panel 11- Extreme close up of boss looking bewildered at his employee and then glances down at pen.

Panel 12- Wide shot as Luna gets up to leave and boss stands frozen and bewildered.

Project 6b


I chose this image because of the composition of the shot and the lighting first and foremost.  The way the person is to the right of the shot and the depth that is shown through the side window with two silhouette gives an ominous tone and adds intrigue to the story. The lighting creates great contrast between what the scene is emphasizing and what it is not, ie the face of the man as opposed to the interior of the car and the two figures in the background.