I often associate the word “passion” with a feeling and not necessarily a thing.  A feeling of absolute happiness, never ending joy and bliss.  A feeling that just fills you up on the inside and completely occupies the inner depths of your being and leaves you wanting, or needing nothing else.

There are four things in this life that makes me feel this way.  One being the love and admiration I have for my family. My willingness to help, motivate, and inspire all the people around me.  My love for everything arts and crafts related and last but not least, SHOPPING!

Now if I were some mad scientist, which I am not, and if I were to gather up all my passions, as if they were ingredients and toss them into a bubbly cauldron of “what to do with my life soup”, there would be a barrage of glitter, party confetti, the music of  loud trumpets, and big neon letters that spelt, “events management!” I will take two cups to go please!

Events management is a passion of mine and what I want to spend my life learning, perfecting and mastering.  I realized this passion of mine when I got my first apartment.  I was so excited to buy cans of paint, tiles, grout, wood finishes, plaster and door knobs, you name it, and I did it!  I have always been a very creative person, I believe it is a trait I got from my mother, who till this very day is an inspiration of mine. I love drawing, repurposing, arranging items, decorating, brain storming themed ideas and executing everything on a budget without sacrificing quality.

There is just something about having an idea, putting it to paper, and watching the allure and granger unfold right in front of your eyes like a manifestation of effort and determination.



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