When I was a child I always wanted to be a lawyer like Matlock, I was quite talkative so I taught that a lawyer would be perfect for me. That is, until I was ready for college and had to pick an area of focus and I choose accounting. I never really had an interest in accounting, I did a lot of Business related topics in high school such as stocks, business management and personal accounting courses. My mother had a Business Science degree, so I taught why not follow in her foot steps. There was one problem though, I didn’t enjoy  what I was doing, but I changed my mindset and took all I could from my college experience. It wasn’t until I earned my associated degree in accounting, that I decided to start all over with a focus in hospitality management. It was the best decision of my life, I enjoy what I do and I love doing what I enjoy. It has been a great journey for me thus far and the exposure I have gotten from the industry. I will be learning my baccalaureate in Hospitality Management  in May 2016.