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Tips on planning those Holiday Events


It is officially less than one month to go until the Christmas Day festivities are on their way! And while many people look forward to these holidays all year, there are quite a few who absolutely dread the idea of the holidays. Mainly because they can be very stressful, especially planning those holiday parties.

Whether you are a seasoned holiday party thrower, or this is your first time throwing a holiday party, it can all be a bit over whelming, or lets keep it real, it can be VERY overwhelming, especially with your already busy life, WHO HAS THE TIME!!!! Not to worry, I’m here to provide quick and easy tips to ensure that your holiday festivities go off without a hitch and are unforgettable, in the best way of course.

Firstly, before throwing an event it is important to plan, one should never underestimate the power of preplanning, it is guaranteed that plans do change, but it is always important to have an overall idea of what you want, and this is always a great place to start.

Here are some things to consider-

Venue – It is the quintessential element , it is the foundation on which every important pillar would build upon to ensure the makings of a successful event. Now, here are some things to consider, the layout of your venture, whether it is a residential or commercial event space, knowing the layout is key. Knowing how to correctly and efficiently┬áto┬áuse a space is vital, make sure to┬áknow where the entrance, walk through and exits are for the space┬áthat you are using, the last thing you need is a hallway or tight corner collision.

Guests-┬á It is important to know the number of guests that are attending or are planning to┬á┬á┬á attend your party for a few reasons. Seating and food accommodations depend on how┬ámany people you expect to show up, remember it is always important┬áto┬ácater for 5% – 10% more seating and food availability, it is always important to have more then enough than to come up short.

Food – Whether it is buffet style, “pass around the dinner table” style of dinning there are some important things to consider.┬á Know your guests, their tastes┬áand prepare food items that will cater to the majority.┬á If Foie Gras served over a bed of port wine marinated truffles and wild mushrooms is your fancy, by all means, enjoy and be merry! When catering to a large crowd or members at a dinner table, easy and simple is the way to go, and fortunately enough, it can be very delish as well.┬á Large cuts of meats such as a roaster chicken or a beef roast, would be recommended, and simple vegetable sides such as maple-honey roasted whole baby carrots, or pan roasted Brussels sprouts with bacon topped with a balsamic vinaigrette reduction.

Lastly, don’t forget to utilize all the great resources at your disposal such as the internet.

Remember to breathe and that preplanning is key.

I hope that your holiday event is a success!






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November 27, 2015 · 3:02 pm