Problem #3: Flats


For this project, our group is the technical direction team in charge of the scenery crew at City Tech, similar to our previous problem. What we have to watch out for is that the walls will be slamming a lot so the walls can’t shake which is why we had to make a prototype with our jacks.

We built flats but we didn’t have a door so to test out our prototype to see if the walls shake or not is by hitting the wall from the back because the pressure is going towards the audience. In the end, our prototype was a successful test and the walls didn’t shake that much. For our second prototype, we made a steam box for our curved walls, which lead to many hours of steaming that we had to prepare for. We had two curved flats that we would have to make 12’x0” tall. We didn’t but fully make the curved flats because what we thought we had to find out would work was the bending of the lumber and the moulding. In the end, we had some successful results but we also had some insuccessful results as well.

What I learned from this project is that we should do more research on our steam box because the process of steaming took longer than expected and there were days we stayed till the school closed.

What I would differently is I would’ve taken into consideration to build a bigger box and use a bigger pot because when we steamed the lumber it worked perfectly fine but because we didn’t keep it clamped the lumber wanted to go back to being straight. We realized the temperature had to be 212 deg to bend how we wanted to.

Problem #3_ Flats Monthly, Weekly, Daily Schedule February

Flat Breakout