Learning Outcome


There were a lot of things that I have learned throughout this semester. I have improved on my design drawings, paperwork and finding solutions to our problems.

Planning and Tracking Paperwork:

In the beginning of this semester, creating a calendar and trying to schedule our crew calls was a little difficult for me because I tend to overthink about how the calendar has to be. I went the simple and basic route in creating a calendar and stuck to it through the end. Google Sheets(Excel) and google docs is what I used most of the time and it’s very helpful because you can share your documents with your group members and fix whatever needs to be fixed. As I created calendars and schedule throughout this semester my calendar has been more organized and learned about templates that we can use that I didn’t know existed.

Design Drawings:

From the start of this semester, I had a lot of difficulty using autocad because I haven’t used the program in a while. I had to get my brain back on track with autocad and have flashbacks. I also had to just learn and look at tutorials about certain things. I didn’t do drafting for every problem but for two out of the four projects, where I got my brain and fingers on track with drafting. I had to also look at previous courses and think about how I did these drawings when I did.

This was a hard semester to manage but in the end I learned a lot of things and improved so much on problem solving.