Problem #2: Deck


For this project, we had to think of being in the the technical direction team in charge of the scenery crew at City Tech. The Haunted Hotel takes place and will strike at the end of call on Thursday and eight days later is the concert which is on Friday followed by the talent show the next day.  I was in a group with Alisa and Kenet and our group decided to split the work so I worked on calendar and scheduling, Kenet worked on budget and Alisa drafted. When working on the calendar, we talked about when the paint should dry, when we should load in, how long can we stay, how many people would we have, etc. There were was a lot of thinking into our calendar. I would discuss with my group and give suggestions on what we can do. There were times we had a conflict of when we other crew should do their job because certain things have to happen before scenery loads in and there are somethings that have to happen before and after strike. We made sure to split the times evenly and made sure every crew has enough time for their jobs. One of the problems we had was to make sure that we had some time for the paint to dry. We also did a prototype based on the paint treatment where we painted one side of the lumber black and one side of the lumber shiny black and the results came back the same. We couldn’t tell the difference between them but this was worth trying because we didn’t know it wouldn’t have a difference.

One of the problems we had was arranging the time for the crew to work because we had to consider the times and combining our schedule with the lighting and sound crew. We had to consider adding work calls over the weekend and having some late night calls during the week to accomplish our project on time. We also had to consider the logo because we thought about how we would strike the logo when it’s screwed onto the floor. But in the end we thought about just sticking it on the floor with adhesive and during strike we are going to paint it over and let it dry overnight so we could have our load in for the next show.

What I would have done differently is try to have schedules where there is not a lot of work over the weekend but have most of the work done during the week, during our tech production work calls.

What I learned from this project was that I was able to manage the time between all the tech production crews as well as the staff and security from schools. During the weekend, the school closes early so we had to manage our times wisely and make sure the staff and security don’t go overtime.

Deck_Monthly Schedule