Jeoffrey Forde Portfolio Solo Platforms

The Solo Platform assignment was a assignment from early in the semester and was due March 3rd. At the time of completion I did not fully understand the problem correctly on the first try and re reading this assignment now I would have done much better now. After drafting so much for my culmination project and reading the solo platform assignment I did learn something’s that made me rethink the problem. My overall main issue is being rusty. Before this year I have not drafted since 2019 and had to go back to the basics look back at my notes from Drafting I, Drafting II and Cad Drawing to remember certain commands and get use to drafting in autocad again. Getting familiar with autocad again dominated my work process.

Analysis/ Analogy
In a real world situation if a student/ recent grad or years after graduating and you take up drafting again own your own or for work you may be rusty at first.

From this assignment I remembered how to draw multiple flats in autocad, how to do elevations. I will apply what I learned in the real world because post graduation I would like to become a freelance drafter as one of my jobs and gain more drafting experience in the real world.