Jeoffrey Forde ENT 4410 Portfolio



The first day of class back in person was a day filled with many emotions and from  listening to some of my classmates presentations today I now know I’m not the only one who thought so. For most it was the first day back on campus in a year or close to a year. 

I fully understood the  problem correctly on my first try. I had to make  some moldings and put together joints I have made before. The only problem was I haven’t picked up a tool in a year or longer.  At some point I found myself struggling to make accurate measurements which frustrated me. 


A real world situation that are like this problem is working in a scenery shop. In the real world situation things would be different from our problem is I would not be rusty if I if was back working in the shop five days a week. Like anything in life the more you do it the better you get at it. 


From this assignment I learned that even Though I have not been in the shop I In over a year I’m still comfortable using all the saws including the band saw which I have not used since 2018. I enjoyed using the saw to make half laps. I will take what I learned and will use that that experience in the real world and continue to try different joinery. After completing the two frames I was not happy with the outcome but I understand that my cuts got better as I went on and slowly got a little bit back into rhythm.