Blog 14- App Review Libby


Libby is an app by Overdrive where one can access ebooks. All you need is a library card to register. Here you can access the catalogue of your local libraries. During my semesters in college I made it a deal to myself that I would read more books. I downloaded Libby so I can do just that. When I was younger I often went to my local library to borrow books. I have not gone at all in a long while, I did not have a library card and the pandemic did not help at all. I decided to take one out when I was able to. I was then told to download this app so I can have access to their catalogue. Physical and even ebooks can cost money. So being able to borrow books for free and use the catalogue of my local library felt great. I was able to read a couple books, many of whom were award winners or best sellers. I even have some on hold. Audiobooks and magazines are also available. One downside is the audible books cannot be sended to audible, other than that it’s easy to use and effective.