Blog 4

I went to a virtual event created by the Cooper-Hewitt. I was very excited since I have been to this museum before and loved their exhibitions. Even Though I have never participated in any of their events. so this was a new experience for me even if it is virtually. I really looking forward to it since it was Chip Houghton from the design studio Imaginary Forces speaking about the studio and their works. I was amazed to see their reels with the different studios that they worked with including MARVEL. I also enjoyed the conversation about bringing more diverse designers and creatives into IF. I like how it was the discussed the importance of reaching out to those that go to community colleges and public universities. This made me feel like I and many talented designers that Iā€™ve seen at City tech and other CUNY colleges have a chance in someday working at studios like IF. It feels like the opportunities are opening up.

Blog 3

Unfortunately the internship with the wedding photographer did not work out. I was stressed since I still needed a internship, luckily I received a message for an interview for an internship at Unity for Equality. For the past week I have started working on projects. I felt relieved and focused on working on my tasks.

Blog 2

I went to the MAIP event and it was very interesting. I was also great to hear aluminis experiences. While the program seems challenging its also seems like a great oppurtunity. I have also sent my GCSF sheet for the mentoring oppurtunity.

Blog 1

With my updated resume and portfolio, I have applied to many more internships. One has messaged me for an interview. I am nervous but also looking forward to it.Ā  I have been researching and preparing the answers I would respond to the possible questions.


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