Blog 13-Ted Talks

The key point Chris Anderson points out is that a speaker’s job is to share an idea. Not just any way but effectively. He gives four guidelines that can help a speaker build their idea. He shares that an idea should help people, change a perspective for the better or bring inspiration. Amy Cuddy’s talk about Fake it till you become it. She starts out by talking about body language and then poses. She also talks about the science of assertive presence and attitude. She talks a little about herself, how she felt powerless and an imposter when told to fake it. She then told the audience that they can also gain confidence which can change their outcomes. I think her idea was focused. Her talk about how body language can shape who we are was interesting. Both talks I think are useful for presentations. Andersons talk of having a main idea and Cuddys talk in body language can help in knowing how to present. As graphic designers presenting may not be the first thing that comes to mind yet presenting pitches and ideas comes with the job. Knowing how to do so effectively can make a project or design get approved.