Christopher Winter: The Huxley Guide to Switzerland

This Piece was taken from when I visited the virtual “Blue” exhibition at Nassau County Museum of Art.I picked this piece specifically out of the many that I saw at the exhibition simply because to me it looks visually appealing. The painting itself it’s just bright and colorful which attracts the viewer’s eyes to the painting.The way he uses the different shades of blue to paint the mountain that are far away and everything else, It just makes this piece a beautiful one  

Han Qin


This piece was painted by Han Qin. I also took this pic from the Nassau County Museum of Art. This piece caught my attention because it looks like as if people were trapped in the painting, and I just taught that, that was really interesting. Also just like the previous piece the way the artist integrated the two different shades of blue makes this piece really interesting.


“Deep Blue Day” by Jeffrey Gibson.

The last piece I picked is called “Deep Blue Day” by Jeffrey Gibson. I picked this piece because I thought that it was really interesting how He was able to Transform a punching bag which is an item to release tress with aggression for most people into so visually appealing and calming to the viewer’s eye’s in my opinion.