With my first concept I tried to be simple. I dint want to do to much so what i did was that I created a lock and wrote,  “Legends are forever” inside to symbolize that legend are forever and once some one is view as such then their legacy will always live.

Visual Quote Draft
visual quote
Revised Visual Quote 1
revised visual quote 1

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In the second concept I used repetition.Since the quote says that heroes come and go, I felt that using repetition would be the best way to show case that heroes are always coming and going. Then I block the path to the other side to show that to become a Legend you have to be different than everybody else, and that not everybody can be one.

Visual Quote 2 Draft
visual quote concept 2

Revised Visual Quote 2revised visual quote 2

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on my last concept I didn’t do anything special I just put the quote over the picture and since the picture had the word Legend in it I just used that as part of my design.

Visual Quote 3 Draft

concept 3

image taken form Posterizers.com

Revised Visual Quote 3 revised visual quote 3

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