Week 5 Presentation prep

  1. My update for my internship I am currently updating the open lab blog portion because of situations going on currently I was falling behind. Now I am lesson planning and preparing for the summer camp starting July 5th I miss my students already and can’t wait to make new friends this summer.
  2. https://openlab.citytech.cuny.edu/jaylahjones-eportfolio/
  3. Some tips I picked up from reading the articles is a way to keep the audience engaged like speaking to them like it is a regular conversation with genuinely interesting topics by even helping others with conversable advice. Another tip I picked up is Incorporating media to capture your audience’s attention, and lastly a pro tip for creating the best presentations; organization so the audience feels secure in what you are presenting and can clearly follow along and engage with you as well. 
  4. The cartoons were interesting illustrations explaining how time punctuality is professional in any work environment and should always be kept in mind. Continuing to the second illustration where you can see the presenter has a blank and noninformative (unengaging) screen and the client seems uninterested and disappointed in what the presenter is delivering.