Team work experience

Working as a Teacher and an assistant I have gotten experience with team work as we all work together to create the best learning environment for the students. Everyday I read the schedule and locate where I am and who I am with. If I am teaching I prepare supplies with the assistant I have for that day and I explain the activity for the club. Whereas the days I am assisting I listen to the teachers lecture as well as help gather supplies and monitor the students in the classroom. We also have 1 hour of “Choice Time” everyday when each student gets to choose a station of art, games, dancing etc. to spend the remainder of the program. So all workers collaborate on how we decide to set it up and what will be the saftest yet most entertaining option.

Finally, the experience I gained doing this everyday for the internship will help me develop as a professional as well. As an aspiring Web Designer developing these skills will contribute in a team environment I see myself working in. Therefore, my current encounters will continuously be educational and beneficial as a student, worker and artist.