Ethics in design entry 1

My internship experience has been quite interesting regarding its relation to Ethics as a designer. For the most part I do my own lesson planning which requires me to analyze what I believe fits best for each grade and for the students. Although, I do online research to deliberate which would be best each week ,I still put my own spin on it by make a steady pace lesson for the best end results.

In the article “AIGA Design Business + Ethics” a quote that stuck with me is, “A brief is not a blueprint. It shouldn’t tell the designer how to do the work. It’s statement of purpose, a concise declaration of a client’s expectations of what the design should accomplish. And while briefs will differ depending upon the project, there are some general guidelines to direct the process. Among them:” I chose this quote because although they are speaking of the proper way to write a design brief, I use it for how I manage my lessons and how even though I may have a specific club that has been taught in a specific way before doesn’t mean I stay within that box and stick to being simple. I try to achieve high expectations for my students so they can leave my club every week knowing they learned a new skill and was taught a new lesson.

For my experience with my internship I didn’t have to sign a non-disclosure agreement. If anything I was encouraged to expand my knowledge to help bring in more students to better the company. I assisted with a class called “Film Making” where I recorded students giving a tour of our school to put on our website to give a sense of who we are as a company/school. However, I have signed an agreement form which was a book contract stating my requirements to be apart of the DOE and a non-profit school program.


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