COMD4900 OL90 5115 Summer Internship

Hello and welcome my name is Jaylah Jones and I am a junior. My internship is located at several elementary schools Ps 150, Ps 89, Ps276 and a community center that’s focused on digital / hands on activities. At these locations I do something new everyday like teach art, help assist other teachers with art/ digital media. We do crafts, ceramics, experiments, coding, stop motion, painting, film making and we also focus on how we design the things we make to make it useful while also creatively pleasing. I love working with kids specifically kindergarteners that has been my ongoing occupation for about 2 years now, I am a child at heart so they truly are my friends. I started the internship in May and now we are on break until summer camp on July 5th where I will continue my journey as a teacher 8am-6pm every weekday. The long hours should have my internship completed within the first week of camp although I continue to August.