Team work

WPC is getting ready to move to their new location.In preparation for that interns and volunteers worked together to sort and organize books,magazines,pamphlets and newspapers.The first thing we did was divide the task amongst each other so that everybody had a task to carry out.Each person was given numerous categories they were responsible for and to make sure that their  pile wasn’t mixed in with another pile.We then made bundles of each categories and continued the process until every thing was neat and packaged into boxes.Our next ask was to separate into teams and package books into different categories and label the boxes.One person would set up the boxes, another would fill the box as much as the could and then label the boxes as the came along.It was really chaotic that day but we managed to get a lot done with our teamwork and organization.This task was a good way to incorporate a sense of unity.

Almost finished organizing boxes.
Separating old newspapers,pamphlets and posters into different categories with other interns.


My internship at Women’s Press collective is completed.I have accumulated 120 hours.Working there was a really good experience.I felt that there was more organizing to do there than graphic design.I feel like the move was a big factor in that outcome.During the time that I was there I must admit that I met a lot of new people from different walks of life.

Since I am somewhat of an introvert this opportunity forced me out of my comfort zone.It was inevitable that I had to communicate and work with people.I also acquired some instances of teamwork when all the interns and stacks had to organize and pack books to be shipped for the new building that the organization was moved too.I even got a little taste of leadership skills.Even though I finished working with WPC I still intend to keep in contact with them and help out on little projects whenever I have the time.Lisa  the supervisor even invited me to their little christmas party that they are having at their new location in the Bronx.

Role Models & Mentors

Role models are those that set an example of excellence and give the younger generation a figure to emulate.While working at Women’s Press Collective I have been place under the supervision of Lisa Daniels. Lisa Daniels is the WPC’s operations manager.She overlooks all the volunteers and interns and make sure everybody is involved and active. I find her dedication to her job very inspirational. Lisa is a full time volunteer that works without receiving any benefits or funds from the government.The passion and devotion she has for the organization motivates the rest of us. There is never a dull moment with her. She’s always on the move whether it’s answering calls, setting up interviews with influential powers, promoting WPC at local events or welcoming new volunteers.I find Lisa Daniels to have the characteristics of an exceptional mentor.

This is Lisa Daniels teaching students and members how to use the print and press machine.

Evaluating One’s Self

Self evaluation is a topic where one really takes a look in the mirror of their conscience and reevaluate their contribution to society.Women’s Press Collective gives a voice to the community by telling the stories that the big media will not do.Working with them has been a pleasure in that its open my eyes to the injustice that surrounds us all in everyday life.WPC is made up of volunteers, with a strong commitment to help the people of low-income families, and communities.They assist people of all backgrounds by providing them with the resources to publicize their stories, and incorporate free training sessions comprised of writers, printers, artists and labor organizers.

As an intern I am adapting to this new working environment.I work on my projects whenever I get the chance.If my supervisor requires assistance with organizing or making phone calls I halt what I am doing to help.In the workplace I am friendly but also professional.I communicate well with my supervisor.This will continue to be a growing experience and I am proud to be helping this organization.

Collaboration Experience

Since joining Women’s Press Collective(WPC) I haven’t experienced much of a collaboration project. All the interns have been given the assignment to recreate the WPC’s brochure and fliers.We each decided to work on it separately and design it in our own way and then evaluate it later. Everybody works independently  and has different projects and schedules so it is hard to meet up.One thing I will say is that we do offer each other opinions and design advice if need be. As I was working on the flyer for WPC I asked two of my colleagues for their input on my design concept. In turn, they have asked me for my opinion as well.I was thankful they took the time to look at my layout and critique little things that I had missed while trying to find a certain style that would be suitable for that specific project.Recently we have been getting more clients who need help with projects ,so hopefully we will be able to work on a team project soon.

A Typical Day at WPC

While interning at Women’s Press Collective (WPC) I find there is always something new to learn. Some Days I am working on design projects other days I am helping with phone calls or clerical duties. While working there I have done data entry for their library, answered phones and filing for their clients database. Some volunteers and I worked together to seal, organize and record some membership pamphlets that needed to be mailed to certain donors and members of WPC.

Almost every other day there’s a new face. Volunteers from all over with different backgrounds and reasons for joining come to help out the organization. I’ve met people from California, Detroit, Brooklyn and the Bronx. It is great getting to hear their stories and reasons for volunteering. For instance, a group of individuals  who volunteers at the sister organization of WPC and are located in California came to work with us. They came to learn about what we do and to utilize our different organization tools that can potentially help them with their publication and media production.

We organized and packed files for transfer to new space for Women Press Collective headquarters will be located.






Just this week, I experienced first hand, how to operate a print and press machine from an expert in the printing profession. We got to observe a Multi 1650 MC printing press. All the interns that came that day got to see how  notepads and christmas cards are produced through such an intricate and complex piece of machinery. There is so many things you must be aware of while operating this machine.  For example, If you use too much or too little of the ink or water ratio, and it is not properly distributed, it can result in ruining your design and paper. Exposure to this experience made me realize just how important printing is to the design field. Printing is just as important as design they go hand in hand.

Everything is a learning experience that you should welcome with an open mind. I look forward to continuing learning from the staff and volunteers at Women’s Press Collective.


Culture of Workplace

Women’s Press Collective workplace attire is very informal.Everybody has there own style but very casual.I usually wear jeans and a plaint shirt or a plain pullover sweater and black sneakers.There is no specific workstation because of the small space.Currently there are four computers two of them are for the interns to use to help clients with their projects.They have Adobe software installed on them.The other two computers are used by the volunteer staff for storage of photographs and for editing and writing letters for various publications.My work hours are usually Monday,Wednesdays and Fridays from 12 pm to 6 pm.I try to come whenever I have free time since I am so busy working on other projects.I usually come around lunch time so I bring my own food.Sometimes I eat the food that they offer.The owner of a restaurant not to far from WPC donates mash potatoes,sausage,chicken,spaghetti and rice once every week.We bring our plastic containers to his restaurant to restock our food supplies.While eating our lunch together we talk about politics and things going own in the news.

Internship Process

 I applied for two internships that had peaked my interest and fulfilled my course requirements for my module of Illustration.The first interview I had was with Women’s Press Collective(WPC).The second one was at a company called Sacatelle,INC.I was accepted for both internships but chose Women’s Press because they replied to me quicker than Sacatelle,INC.I also liked that they were all volunteers coming together to give a voice to the people and the community. Sacatelle  told me I was accepted for the internship a week later but I was already interning at Women’s Press.I had made a commitment to Women’s Press Collective and I was sticking to it.

A small design company that make unique bags


I became aware of WPC internship through  a friends who had the same internship course as myself.She herself had interned at Women’s Press Collective and recommended I go and check it out.I reached out to Lisa Daniels about an internship opportunity.She immediately responded and set a date for an interview for the next day.At the interview I met with Lisa Daniels.Lisa Daniels is Women’s Press Collectives operations manager as well as my supervisor.My first impression of her was that she was very friendly and enthusiastic about her role and the impact it makes on others.During the interview she explained the history behind Women’s Press Collectives organization and how it was founded.She asked me about my college,my major and how I could contribute to their cause.As I am an artist I told her I would help in the design department of the organization.A few samples of my work were shown and she quickly welcomed me into the organization with open arms.




About Women’s Press Collective

I am interning with Women’s Press Collective(WPC).Its a small private organization located in Park slope, Brooklyn (68 12st).Recently they have made procedures to renovate an area in the Bronx to expand their organization.The organization is a hundred percent volunteer based and takes no funding from the government.All their funding and supplies are donated by members and people in the community who believe in their cause.Women’s Press collective is a voice for the people mainly the minority whose problems are overlooked by the government.WPC gathers intellectuals of different backgrounds who are efficient in print,writing,art, community labor organization and people of the community who want to be heard.The goal is to use publication and media as a platform to bring to light the social and economical issues of low-income and working communities as well as women in the workforce who face unjust treatment.

My job with in the organization is to help with graphic design and illustration projects.The organization is completely free and open to anyone who needs help in creating any type of publication whether it be a flyer,brochure,children’s book or a cover.Clients come from all parts of NewYork with different circumstance in search for an outlet that will help tell their story without killing their pockets.Our job is to guide and help them complete their objectives.

These are some posters displayed outside of Women’s Press Collective.The quotes represent what Women’s Press Collective stand by.