Wine list Analysis

Bingzhao Shi

HMGT 2402 E553

Prof. Dragorn

Spring 2020


Wine List Analysis

What is Wine? Wine is an alcoholic drink that is made using fermented grapes. I am a huge wine lover. I picked a liquor store named Super Buy-Rite, across the Hudson river. The reason why I pick this store from all other ones is that it is only couple mins walk from where I live. I am a frequent shopper, I picked up many wines and other varieties. I believe it is the biggest liquor store in Hudson count. The options you can choose is huge, they have everything you can imagine, wines, beer, spirits, liquors, etc.
It located 575 Manila Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07310 right next the road when you come out from the Holland tunnel from NYC. It is hard to notice since its look like a warehouse with a small sign comparing to the shop size. When you enter the store, the classic music is playing at a acceptable volume, bright light is irradiating at the alcohols
I still can remember the first time I went there; it was when I just moved to Jersey City and I wanted to buy some alcohol to celebrate my 21st birthday and host a warm house party. The liquor store was like a maze, the aisles are full of alcohols. Premium wines and spirits in the fridge. Soda are next to the checkout area, the staffs working there are friendly compare to the staffs in some liquor store in NYC. I was excited to take wine class at my school; I learned a lot from the class also get to taste some wine. Sadly, the school must move all classes to online classes due to the virus. You were not able to find the “owner” of the store but they would not care if you take some picture of the alcohols.

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