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White Noise Coffee Co is located in Auburn, Flushing. White Noise Coffee Co is in partnership with Parlor Coffee. Upon finding this store one day on my way home from work I stopped in and met with the staff. They were very open and friendly. I learned from the staff that the coffee they use is received from Parlor Coffee a roasting company in Brooklyn.

The staff was very knowledgeable of Parlor Coffee’s roasting, they explained that Parlor coffee began in the back of a barbershop.They are a small group of professionals who seek coffee from the origin. They travel on laborious journeys to gather their coffee from a farm based in a west Ethiopian village named Gesha. Gesha consists of semi-arid highlands. Adam Overton’s farm is ingeniously located here right near the border of South Sudan. South Sudan is the birthplace of coffee arabica. David Stalling is one of Parlor Coffee’s green coffee buyers and he visits Adam’s farm to shop for coffee.

Another location where they source coffee beans is in Kenya. John Njoroge is a farmer in Kenya that Parlor Coffee is associated with. In Muranga County the Kenyan Kiumu bean is described as a beautiful flavor with a range of stone fruit, with a touch of succulent citrus and blackberry. John manages a farm of 100 acres of this bean. This is a new export relationship Parlor Coffee formed in June 2016. A second estate in Kenya is the Ibutiti estate. This farm they began sourcing from in 2015. It is located 60 km north of Nairobi. William Murathe has managed the Ibutiti Estate for more than 40 years. His water well, drying beds, and pulping equipment are in top notch shape. He was once involved in the wine and liquor business but now age 84 decides to put all of his time into his coffee farm.

This is a photo taken from the Parlor Coffee website. This image shows the roasting machine they use in Brooklyn.Parlor Coffee. (n.d.). Retrieved May 27, 2017, from

Parlor Coffee has a wide range of coffee beans. A few include Prospect, Wallabout, Ethiopia Kochere, and Burundi Gaharo. The coffees range from $14.00- $16.00 for an 8 ounce bag. Each bag contains a bean from a unique village in Africa or Colombia. The bean that I tasted was Prospect. Prospect is an Ethiopian/Colombian blend and it is White Noise Coffee Co’s signature blend. It has notes of spices, florals, and grapefruit. It is rather bitter but its also smooth and has light hints of cocoa. Having not drank coffee for almost three months this cup had me strung out. It was definitely a high quality bean because after a few sips I could sense a headache. The caffeine was extremely strong in the brew. I really enjoyed the aesthetic of White Noise Coffee Co. It was really relaxing and had couches with pillows, strung lights, and palm trees. This is definitely a place away from NYC, so if you find yourself wanting to escape the city head to Auburn, Flushing and enjoy the feel.

Enjoying the aesthetic of White Noise Coffee CO.


Parlor Coffee

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Prof. Goodlad I used Parlor Coffee’s site to obtain my information about their company and roasting practices. They have a blog where it includes articles about each individual coffee buyers trips to where they get their coffee beans and about the source farm and farmer. There was no other way for me to discover this company information. The information I included in my last paragraph about the beans was from the staff at White Noise Coffee Co including price, taste notes.






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