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The wine store I chose was September Wines & Spirits. It is located by Ludlow St and Stanton. The Place was quite small with an array of wines arranged by region.

Upon entering the place after the snow we had over a couple of days, they are still putting their new wine shipments into appropriate places. I was greeted by a gentleman named Ian. I introduced myself as a student studying hospitality management and doing an assignment for my wine class. Ian helped me throughout my questions as I was quite confused how their wine categories are almost all over the place. Nevertheless this created a unique selection.

I am not that new to wine because of my background working in restaurants and nightclubs so I have basic knowledge of wines and what I do like and don’t like.

In front of the store there is a section that they change every month. For Women’s month, they have decided to have a collection of wine offerings that are made by women. Although this is quite confusing if the owner is a woman, or the founder is but I was told that it is women that are actually making the wine.

I then came across with one of the wine they carry from Airlie vineyards. The AVA is from Willamette Valley in Oregon and the wine owner, Mary Olson is a woman, the marketing(labeling designer) Kim Swecker is a woman, the wine maker by the name Elizabeth Clark is also a woman.

I actually purchased the wine and tasted it myself. The wine is called 7, which is a blend of, you guessed it! 7 different grape varietals. I also found signs of carbonation when I poured it which bubbled more than usual. Below are my tasting notes.

Wine name: Seven
Grape Varietal:  Müller Thurgau, Pinot gris, Riesling, Gewürztraminer, Chardonnay, Pinot blanc, Muscat Ottonel.
Vintage : 2014
Appearance:  Clear, Light body
Nose:  Lemongrass, melon and hints of pear
Palate: Pineapple, Juicy and there are signs of carbonation


This was quite interesting for me and they also have a section for Organic Wine and Bio dynamic Wines. The prices of the wines are on the pricier end. The cheapest one I found was at the range of $13 and have seen up to a $46 a bottle for a Brunello di Montalcino.

Overall, the lay-out of the store was confusing in the beginning but the employees was quite knowledgeable in directing you to how they arrange the wines. They are also pretty helpful in recommending wines and I think the Monthly “Special” was very interesting in changing things up to bring new exciting things that will attract patrons.









Kert Lasdoce

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  1. the store looks very vintage and somehow reminds me a vineyard. So did you like the wine called “7”? I like how they display and organize the wines in the store. Good review!

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