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The wine shop I went to was Caesars Wines at 6715 Bay Parkway, Brooklyn, NY 11204. The reason I chose this shop because it is close to my house. The day I went to the store are a random day that I passed by the store, because of that I had not contacted the store in advance to arrange an appointment.  

The store is not really small but not big too. When I walked into the store, I was kind of shock by the way they put their wines. I expected to see an orderly place but the store is full of wine everywhere.  It is really mean “everywhere”. The wines are around the wall and in the racks, and the racks are all over the store. It really looks disorderly to me.

The employee was very welcome and friendly. When I walked around the store to take some pictures, one employee came to help. After I told her about my situation. She shows me around and explains to me the how they put the wine. According to the employee, their wine is separate by country name. The wines that are on the wall, they will have the label of it the country name and the one on the racks, on top of racks, they will have the flag of its country. Also, in each section for the country wine, you can find they also separate their wine by red, white and spirits. I can tell the store really have a lot of variety of wine from a different country. The most common price over there are around 10 to 20. Some wine may be more than that but only a few sections.


Country: French


Grape varietal: Grenache blanc

Winemaker Notes: “Garnet red in color, this wine emits aromas of red fruits such as Morello cherries and spices of licorice and grey pepper. In the mouth, this wine has a great structure with firm and silky tannins.”

Country: Chile   

Region: Maule Valley    

Grape Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon     

Red wine


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