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When I decided on what winery to go to I decided to go to Bedell Cellars located at North Folk Long Island. I decided to go with my classmate Gusmary. We had done some research online for several wineries but for some reason this one was the one we wanted to go to because of their availability. We thought about taking the LIRR over there but we realized that it would be too much because after the LIRR we had to take a cab. So we decided on having my father drive us. The drive was about two and half hours. When we got to the place the outside had a small parking lot that was empty because there weren’t many people in the winery.

The entrance was very nice the floor was small rocks and the out door was white on the inside to the left was a bar with person that was giving out samples of different types of wine. They had displays of wine, one thing that all the wine bottles had an artwork by Michael Lin who is an artist at MOMA. The person that was showing us around was telling us that their most grown grapes are Chardonnay, Viogner, Cabernet Franc, and Sauvignon Blanc is being increased and planted more. We were very lucky because the person that was giving us information had a lot of knowledge of wine.

They make stainless steel tank aged white wines, examples like sauvignon Blanc. Their vineyard management is sustainable farming and they have also practice on the LISW which is Long Island Sustainable Wine growing which is types of low impact farming. They also have integrated pest management which is a low impact farming that they also do in the winery. The life cycle of the vine is different depending on the vine some of the oldest are 35 years and they have replanted vines that are 30 years old too an example are merlot and cabernet last about 75 years. He had also said that Zinfandel is more resistant to certain viruses. For the vinification practice is mostly fermented in steel tank with the exception of chardonnay, which is fermented in older French oak barrels. This is because chardonnay needs a little bit more flavor so that is why they keep it in an oak barrel.

We were allowed to go to vineyard but not allowed to go too much into it because there weren’t many grapes to look for while being in the vineyard. At the front of the vineyard there were a lot of sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay and all the way in the back they Cabernet grapes and mostly all the red grapes that they grow. I decided to buy a wine bottle to try it. The label was very nice and creative. The guy had told us that the wine that I had bought was served at the white house for an event that had occurred. This wine had a combination of red grapes and was described as fruity and not too dry because of its complex fruity flavors that it had. They also carry Syrah IMG_7899with a 2013 vintage.IMG_7901This is the wine that I purchased described as red fruit and berry flavors. By the way it was really good.


IMG_7917These were the only grapes that I was able to catch a picture of.


IMG_7929These are the oak barrels in which the wine is being aged.


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  1. I do like that you have a chance to try a wine that has been served at the White House. That is very exciting. It is great that the wine team at the White House recognizes the many regions in America that grow quality wine.

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