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To: Professor Abreu

From: Matthew Lee-ML


Re: Pete Wells Restaurant Review-Frevo 


On the 24th of September, Pete Wells wrote a restaurant review for the New York Times. The name of the restaurant is Frevo. It is located in Greenwich Village, on Eighth Street. The restaurant is managed by business partners Franco Sampogna, who is the head chef, and Bernardo Silva the manager. They previously worked together in France. Eventually, they decided to open a restaurant in NYC with a “secluded safe haven” feel.


Wells starts off his review by praising Frevo’s vibe. He compliments its exclusive “neo-speakeasy” ambiance. He mentions that this restaurant is a good place for well-to- do New Yorkers to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. There is no street sign. And to enter Frevo, a patron must first enter an art gallery, then go past a door which is hidden by canvas artwork. Concerning the food, Wells compliments the dishes as well, calling the cuisine “focused and refined.” In particular Wells says the halibut left an impression on his mind. He also takes a shot at Per Se, one of the more famous (and expensive) restaurants Wells has reviewed in the past. He basically gives the impression that Frevo’s is a better bargain in comparison to Per Se. 


In conclusion Pete Wells enjoyed his time at Frevo. He enjoyed the food and the decor. He also liked the service, calling it “polished and kind.” His review left me with mixed feelings concerning Frevo. None of the dishes he mentioned interested me. The restaurant also came off almost elitist, as a place for the well- to-do to escape from the riff raff. I’m sure Chef Sampogna and Mr. Silva would disagree. On the other hand, the “neo speakeasy” aspect of the entrance sounds a little fun. 


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