Frevo memo

CUNY Department or Hospitality Management
Janet Lefler Dining Room


To: Professor Abreu
From: Adijatu Jalloh
Date: October 3, 2019
Re: New York Times Restaurant Review

On September 24th, 2019 Pete Wells Restaurant review focused on Frevo, a very expensive restaurant located in Greenwich Village. Frevo focus on modern-French food and it seems to be one of the restaurants that still reminds Pete Wells of New York City. Wells review started a little differently than his usual reviews. The review started by talking about his reasons for thinking of Frevo and why it reminds him so much of what New York is today. Wells do not bring up Frevo until almost the middle of his review when he starts talking about Frevo serving suave as part of their $124 tasting menu. Frevo is the work of Franco Sampogna (the chef) as Wells said.
Frevo is described with many positivities. From the food, to the outstanding hospitality, and most of all the location. As Wells described, the location of Frevo seems to be hidden in somewhat of a gallery. This restaurant as Pete Wells puts it has “that feeling of being in your own secluded safe haven”. Wells described the cooking as focused and refined and the food was something he could not get out of his mind. This seems to be a place that Pete Wells loves to visit and as a critic he did not have much bad comments on the place. Wells use words such as fresh, nicely, crunchy, and like to describe Frevo and the food. From Wells description of Frevo it is very obvious that he adores the atmosphere of the restaurant and the reminder of New York that it sells.
Based on Wells review this seems like a restaurant I would very much like to try because it seems very calm and mysterious. It is a restaurant with rich and pleasant food with great hospitality. I would love to visit this restaurant because Wells is one of the best restaurant critics of my time and for him to have many positive reviews for Frevo means a lot. This is a restaurant that I want to visit for both the food, hospitality and the mysteries that comes with it.

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