36 Hours in China Town Lower Manhattan


By Rafael A Lopez

New york city is  home to many of giant skyscrapers that hold monstrous views when looking from rooftop to down below. Here founded in 1890s was One of the many chinatowns New york has to offer since it is a melting pot city which harbored and docked people and items from regions all over the globe. New york is home to currently a whopping of 9 China towns and one of the main popular sites to view is china town lower manhattan and this is due to a subtle flame of community members nearby. While on journey here i noticed that chinatown lower manhattan was right next to soho which is a shopping district,  little italy a fine dining experience of Italian cultural impact on new york city and the most eye catching one of all is China Town.


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12:00 lunch time

21 shanghai

Before i begin my journey in chinatown stop by 21 shanghai located at Address21 Mott St, New York, NY 100. Lunch at 21 shanghai a very popular tourist attraction which lives up to their name creates an atmosphere for how China feels since i had to wait 45 minutes to taste a popular dish known in english as soup dumplings but in chinese xiao long bao. See soup dumplings are special because you can put a straw in the dumpling to drink the broth. That is unique in many ways because when has anyone ever thought of being able to drink,eat and test new styles of dumplings while being surrounded in a place that specializes in chinese cuisine . I spent 9.75 on regular chicken soup dumplings which came in a boxed layer of 2 and chinese chopsticks. Yes there is different chopsticks each differentiating in size and thickness. My favorite part of consuming this item was the dumpling would stick onto anything allowing for picture perfect moments such as this to come into play. This lunch right here cost me 1 hour and thirty minutes since I arrived during the rush hour but do not be alarmed there is more food on the menu if soup dumplings is not what your looking for

Welcome To 21 Shanghai House. (12AD). Retrieved December 16, 2019, from http://21shanghaihouseny.com/.


3:00 pm

canal street

Welcome to chinatown new york city Lower Manhattan a very well known tourist spot here for their connection to canal street which is a popular tourist attraction due to its thriving culture based around china and shops of unlimited variety. A Bustling community walks through here no matter how hot or cold it is outside so expect to see the locals offering deals on great foods, attractions and much more.  A walk around Chinatown itself was truly remarkable since i never felt so far and distant from my home place. I did not know that flowers could grow in a climate changing weather here until I discovered a special part of china town was there is a booming business of bamboo plants Canal Street is train station stop and street a few street blocks long not complex. It is  near Chinatown and SoHo


12:00 pm chinese museum

    When here in Manhattan Chinatown you are surrounded by a surplus of businessmen and women. You will not be displeased at all. Founded in 1980 a special museum that dedicates all its findings to China itself was put up on a small street which today it is the main host of. Waiting time was 20-25 minutes to wait to get tickets which cost me 17 dollars. An audio recorder for each item was 7 dollars more but It was difficult to even see what artifact was what since the museum was busy. Just like the area of chinatown itself   That is how most things are in these specialized region places. Bring in the crowds and never lose sight of them again especially with the displays that capture the eye but stopping just to see one is not highly recommended since there is more to see in china town rather then just one store front display. located on Address215 Centre St, New York, NY 10013





3:00 pm

columbus park

 Off to the local park before it gets dark The busy sidewalks are packed with souvenir stores, bubble tea shops, and markets selling everything from fresh and dried fish to herbs and spices. Locals hang out in leafy Columbus Park for Tai Chi, chess and mahjong. A very large and interesting place to be when coming to new york due to the large lake in the middle of the park a experience only seen in community or small towns where the locals would actually talk to each other engaging in games and conversation. located in AddressMulberry Street &, Baxter St, New York, NY 10013 

fun fact This park was known to once be apart of time in history in new york when crime was rapid. Today it is just park with history almost as if the trees hold stories of their own for how much has happened. For example if trees could talk this park would be a area to listen to these stories of the past.


6:00 pm

In new york city around this time of the year attractions and such go on especially with the tree https://www.rome2rio.com/map/Rockefeller-Center/Chinatown-NY-USA. A quick how to travel is located on this site.

Store front’s decorated with christmas holiday cheer and sales of 40,50, and 35 percent off from original tag prices come into effect around this time. In china town there is store fronts opening with rosisterre chickens up front in restaurants as the night time here truly comes to life. Store fronts lighting up where the lamp post come on and the smell of garlic and ginger fill the air. Before making it to my next area I stopped for tea at a local chinese restaurant where tea is served before the meals and  the main course is accompanied by respectable waiters and waitresses. My meal was broad noodle and beef on a special dragon fortune cookie platter.



4pm chinatown once more

64 Bayard Street, Manhattan New York, New York, 10013, USA

Chinatown is home to many bakeries and cultural music as the streets fill up to all sidewalk capacity with carts and trolly but one place I do recommended is Mei LI Wah Bakery (may-LEE-WA) which is known for their porkbun. Pork buns are actually a street vending food which reached new york city and ended being served in restaurants as appetizers and just addons in dimsum which is a fancy restaurant but most popular in the culture as it can be eaten with any sauce such as soy sauce, Hot sauce even ketchup if someone is brave enough. This neighborhood favorite has been serving Chinese delicacies since 1968 and here customers line up even file outside the door because this bakery holds title for best Pork buns in the town. While here pick up some taro tea with sago a local drink here in this area which go well with the plummeting temperatures. other desserts served here are salty pancakes, congi with shredded calamari. The locals in the area food carts sell a special yam with cheese as a street food which was $5.75 in Dollars.


the allen hotel a truly prime experience located not to far from any of these attractions captures the amazing views on the lower east side with rates from 100-200 dollars a night due to holiday seasons in new york city https://www.theallenhotel.com/?gclid=CjwKCAiA58fvBRAzEiwAQW-hzUmeyYRm9cDpxX_CYvAxMIaCW93187JnQ5XyjXTdMnGegXiIJjQIwhoCW14QAvD_BwE​.

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http://Chinatown and SoHo



64 Bayard Street, Manhattan New York, New York, 10013, USA

Shake Shack Site Visit Reflection

What action will you take to network with the people you met?                                                            I will send Chef Karangis a “Thank you” note and let him know how my experience was in the kitchen.

What did you like/dislike about the site visit to Shake Shack innovation kitchen?                              I liked that I had the chance to see how things are inside a kitchen through this visit. I got to see their work in person. Importantly, the relationship and communication level among chefs. I also liked that they did not hesitate preparing sandwiches for a photoshoot in front of everyone.

Shake Shack Site Visit Reflection

How did you feel about the site visit?

After the site visit, I felt amazing. I learned a lot about how a food and beverage company works on new items before putting it on their official menu. I also felt really special since we got to try food items that are not officially out to the public and that are still being worked on. This site visit was unforgettable.

What is one aspect of the site visit that made you want to or not want to work in the food industry?

I have never really considered working within the food industry. That quickly changed after the site visit at Shake Shack. I became intrigued to work in the food industry after Chef Karangis explained the whole process of how they come up with a new menu item. Also, hearing how they make the same items over and over until they think it’s a perfect fit for what their company stands for. I really find the whole process of implementing a new food item fascinating and I wouldn’t mind doing that as a career

36 Hours in Union Square

36 Hours In Union Square

By: Erika Michaca

New York City a city that is known worldwide, but when you hear New York what mainly comes to mind is Times Square, Statue of Liberty, Grand Central. Which are all wonderful places to see when in the city, but New York is much more then that. New York has so much to offer considering its wide diversity among its people and places to go and see. Places such as Union Square. Union Square is located in lower Manhattan. Accessible by the trains N,Q,W,R,4,5,6,L, There’s a variety of things to do such as shopping ,taking a nice walk in the park, and also enjoy fine dining.


1) 2:30pm Shopping
There are many places around union square for one to shop. Stores that are available are such as American Eagle Studio, Reebok, Dr.Martens. Also on 5th ave and E17th st you can also find store such as J.Crew Zara, Lululemon and much more.

5th ave and E17th st

Photot Credit:Erika Michaca

2) 8:00pm Dinner at Irvington

Irvington located at the heart of Union Square offers a variety of food from Mediterranean influence American dishes to handmade pasta, rotisserie meats, and pizzas are cooked in a brick oven.

Photot Credit: Erika Michaca


3) 8:00am Breads Bakery

Start your morning right by walking down to Breads Bakery where you can find one of New York City’s best Chocolate Babka, baked fresh every day. Babka is a Jewish yeast bread that is filled with chocolate which is then twisted and baked. But if your not in the mood for babka, Breads bakery has many other options for you such as different types of Challah bread, Burke’s, and fruit salads. One Babka is $14.95 or you can buy two for $24.50.

Photo Credit: Erika Michaca

4)  9:30 Flatiron Building 

The FLatiron Building is iconic to New York City built in 1902 by a Chicago architect named Daniel Burnham. It is a triangular building, was made specifically in a way to fill the edge shaped property in which it stands today. The building itself was made known mainly by the public since it was amusing to see how dramatic it appeared, attracting many photographers and artists alike.

Photo Credit: Erika Michaca

5) 10:30am Chole’s Soft Serve

Walking back to 25 E 17 st you can find Chole’s Soft Serve Fruit Co. This is a small shop in which there fruit pops are made with just three simple ingredients, fruit, water, and cane sugar. With no additives, no stabilizers and it being non artificial. It’s a great frozen treat. A soft serve with topping will cost you $5.50, and a popsicle would be $3.00. They also offer smoothies that would range from $6.25-$7.25.

Photo Credit: Erika Michaca

6) 11:00am Union Square Park

When you buy your soft serve take a stroll in Union Square Park. It’s a nice little park at the heart of Union Square. Pass by the Greenmarket that is open year-round. Started in 1976 since then the market has grown to having around 140 regional farmers, bakers, and fishers, that come to sell there product to the public. And if by any chance you are around here during the holiday season the park plays hosted to a vibrant Holiday Market, this market is up from November 21- December 24.

Photo Credit: Erika Michaca

Photo Credit: Erika Michaca

7) 6:30pm Dinner at Casa Mono

A great place for dinner is Casa Mono, a Spanish restaurant inspired mainly from Spains Costa Brava. Casa Mono has earned a Michelin Star back in 2009 and has been earning a star every year since. A small restaurant that comfortably holds 13 tables and 15 bar seats. It is also next door neighbors with its sister restaurant Bar Jamón, together having a selection of nearly 600 wines, recognized by many Wine Enthusiast and Wine Spectators. The amazing aspect of this restaurant is that they are committed to be as environmentally conscious as possible, doing everything that they can to preserve the environment.

Photo Credit: Erika Michaca


8) 11:00 am Brunch at Lillies Victorian Establishment 

Go back in time and end the weekend with brunch at Lillies Victorian Establishment. This establishment was created to honor the late British actress Lillie Langtry. This restaurant comes with influences from Northern Ireland and England. Walking into the restaurant you feel like you are being taken back into time, since what you will see is wooden carvings, and antiques that have been stored from a 1800’s ballroom from Northern Ireland. They have what they describe an electric but yet traditional menu. With the option of over fifty imported beers, and also provide a fine selection of wines and whiskeys.

Photo Credit: Erika Michaca


There are various lodging options by Union square such as W New York- Union Square. With rooms that range $200-$400 a night. There is also the option of an indoor lodging at Seafarers & International House. With rooms ranging from $86-$150 a night.


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36 Hours In Manhattan

36 Hours In Manhattan 

By: Ashley Corona 

December 10, 2019

Take a trip to the city that never sleeps, New York City. Whether you are taking a trip to visit family, on a business trip, or on a vacation. You will never get bored, there are many different activities to choose from. 

A view from Central Park. Photo by Ashley Corona

1. Friday 3 p.m. The MET 

New York has many places that you can explore. While visiting, visitors should take a trip to visit the many wonderful museums New York has to offer. Museums like the American Museum of Natural History, The Museum of Modern Art, the 9/11 Memorial, El Museo del Barrio and many others. One museum in particular that tourist should go visit is The Metropolitan Museum of Art (also known as The MET) which is located in Fifth avenue. The MET is a museum where you can see many wonderful art pieces. The MET is great for everybody, they have activities for kids and families, teens, couples, groups and for those who want to come alone they also have  audio guides, which is not limited to people who come alone.

The MET, Photo by Ashley Corona

2. William Greenberg Desserts 6:00 p.m. 

Stop by William Greenberg Desserts for a sweet treat. Just a  2-3 minute walk from The MET. Walk into this shop and instantly get hit with the smell of warm cookies coming out of the oven. Many delicious treats to choose from like brownies, cupcakes, fruit tarts, pies, cakes and so much more but by far the best thing you can try is their amazing black and white cookies, which is what they are mostly known for. It’s a small shop that can get crowded depending on the day and the time.

Image result for william greenberg desserts

3. Junior’s Restaurant & Bakery 7:30 p.m. 

For dinner come and take a seat at Junior’s Restaurant & Bakery which is famously known for their cheesecake. Depending on the time of the year Junior’s has special flavors that will go with the season. Junior’s was started off as a restaurant that was opened in 1950. They have a variety of things to choose from,  whatever you do end up getting you can not leave without having any dessert, a slice of their famous cheesecake.


4. Breakfast at the Times Square Diner and Grill 9 a.m, 

Before going on another full day of exploring take a moment to go get a bite. At the Times Square diner and grill you will be  pleased at the options that they have to offer.

5.Take a trip to central park 11 a.m. 

After grabbing a quick bite to eat make your way to Central Park. Central Park has been a very well known tourist attraction. The scenery that can be seen from Central Park makes visitors take many pictures that can be posted onto their social media platforms. You can also see iconic areas of the park in where they filmed certain movies, movies like Home Alone: Lost In New York.

central park

6. Dear Evan Hansen 2 p.m. 

New York is well known for the amazing broadway shows they have. Amazing shows like Hamilton, Beetlejuice, Come From Away, The Lion King, Aladdin, and many more. A must see show while visiting New York would be Dear Evan Hansen. The show deals with a kid who suffers from social anxiety disorder and wants to make a connection with his fellow classmates. The show does talk about the serious topic of suicide, therefore those who are easily triggered by the topic should avoid watching the show.

Dear Evan Hansen

7. Times Square 5 p.m. 

When people think of New York they automatically think of Times Square, millions of people from all over the world come to visit Times Square. When walking in Times Square you see the vibrant lights that brighten up the city whether it’d be during daylight hours or in the night. Shop around the many different stores that you can see while walking through Times Square, shop brands like Disney, Sephora, H&M, Forever 21,Old Navy, Gap, and many more.

Times Square  

8. Shake Shack 8 p.m. 

After all that walking and shopping it is time to eat. Whats better then getting a burger, fries and a shake. Sink your teeth into a good quality burger that tastes really good and is inexpensive. Shake shack is a great place to go because it has a variety of options,  so if you do not want a burger you can get a chicken sandwich or for those who are vegetarian can get a veggie shack a vegetarian burger.


9. Jake’s @ The Knick 8:30 a.m. 


Take a seat at Jake’s located at The Knickerbocker hotel. Jake’s is small coffee shop that people can go to for a quick pick me up. You can buy something quickly if you are on the go or you can order and take a seat in the shop and take your time to enjoy breakfast with a hot cup of coffee.


Image result for jake's at the knick

10. Rockefeller Center 9:30 a.m. 

After eating some breakfast take a walk to Rockefeller Center. A very well known attraction, especially during the holidays where you can ice skate and take stunning pictures of the tree and all the lights. Visitors can walk around and look at all the different stores or can simply go for the aesthetically pleasing view. Even if you do not come during the holidays Rockefeller Center is a great place to see all year round.


The best hotel that someone can stay at in this area is The Knickerbocker Hotel which is located in 6 Times Square, New York, NY 10036. This is a great hotel to stay at because the room prices are fair, which also varies on the season. They make sure that your stay in New York is excellent.


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36hrs Brooklyn WaterFront

By Yanice Lewis

Published Dec. 10, 2019

New York is the home to constant lights, being known as the city that never sleeps and the place you can travel to no matter the season. There’s always something to do.

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Bridge Park can be seen as a very  important historical location. This park was a place during the 1600’s where immigrants would migrate to. All trade from different countries happened here. As well as were soldiers would sail out for war. Also during the time  George Washington was president and had a lot of impact on what happened throughout the bridge during that time.

Photo cred; Yanice Lewis

Photo cred; Yanice Lewis


1) 11 a.m Brunch River Cafe

River cafe is a restaurant located in Brooklyn Bridge Park. This restaurant was founded in 1977, by Michael O’Keef. O’keef also owns The Water Club in Manhattan. River cafe gives off a very romantic setting, especially since the area in general has a resemblance to the streets of France (the city of love). The meals they serve such as the Bay Scallop Ceviche, has chilled on the half shell with sea beans, tomato, coriander. This restaurant has fixed prices of $72 and is a decorum formal restaurant. Men must come in a Suit-jacket when eating dinner.

Photo cred; Yanice Lewis


2) 3:30 p.m Barclays Center

Barclays Center is a multi-purpose arena, located in Brooklyn, New York. The arena is home to the Brooklyn Nets of the National Basketball Association and The New York Islanders of the National Hockey League. The arena opened on September 21, 2012 and has a capacity of 19,000. The average ticket price for Brooklyn Nets games may vary at about $156.88.

Atlantic Terminal Mall

Photo cred. Yanice Lewis


3) 6pm shopping at Atlantic Terminal mall

Atlantic Terminal Mall is a shopping center for the public and is located in Brooklyn, New York, directly across the street from The Barclay Center. This mall contains 35 stores, 5 floors, and provides a public transportation access. You can take the Q,R,N,1,2,3, trains, etc. As an alternative, you can take buses like B41 and B52 . Atlantic Terminal Malls main attractions are Victoria’s Secret, Target, Buffalo Wild Wings, Burlington Coat Factory, Cold Stone, and many retail stores and bites to eat.

Photo cred; Yanice Lewis


4) 12  p.m Ice skating

Prospect Park is a great place for tourist to visit Prospect Park is located in what’s considered “the heart” of Brooklyn. “Landscape architects Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux envisioned Brooklyn’s Prospect Park as a pastoral refuge in the midst of a rapidly urbanizing city. “This park was then renovated and restored in 1987 when it went through a long period of decline. It was also very critical to restore this park in order to have somewhere strictly green, allow people from the community to be a part of it and allow tourists to visit. Prospect park has a zoo as well. The fee for adults is $9.25 per adult, for children the fee is $6.25, and for senior citizens the price may vary at about $7.25. This park also has a wonderful ice skating rink that is opened once the fall season starts. Admission for adults is $7.50 to $11 and children are the same price including a $8 skate rental. This would also be a great place for tourists to visit. You can also get here via the B41,B or Q train, and shuttle train service.


5) 4pm sweets at Jacques Torres Ice cream shop

Located 66 Water St. you’ll find an Italian based desert space. It owned by a award-winning pastry chef and the location offers cookies, hot chocolate, chocolate covered bars, brittle, and many more sweet treats offered. Prices also range from $8- $125 and higher.

Photo cred; Yanice Lewis


6) 8 am Brooklyn Roasting Company

Located 25 Jay street, Brooklyn Roasting Company was opened in 2009. It was actually one of the first coffee houses that was opened in New York. This coffee house is amazing to go to not only to understand the historic background of coffee history and how coffee is roasted rather then to get you’re coffee already grounded. You can see it be roasted you can also choose the type of coffee beans that you want which comes from places such as Columbia, Rwanda, Kenya, and other countries. This company also practices fair trade as well.

7) 1 P.m Grimaldi’s Pizzeria

Last stop of the day is Located in the Brooklyn Waterfront this location one of the top known pizzeria’s in New York. It is very famous and very popular as well.  It can found directly under the bridge and prices for the pizza range from $14- $18. The Pizzeria was known as the best pizza in Brooklyn. Many travelers and tourist wait in line for pizza like this.


One Hotel is located in the “ heart “ of Brooklyn Bridge. This fine hotel attracts many people from many places such as China, Australia, Canada, France, Korea, and Japan. There are various Airbnb’s located within walking distance of The One Hotel. The prices range from $450 to $4,000 per night, depending on the suite.


https://www.tripsavvy.com/grimaldis-pizza-brooklyn-442379 (Freudenheim, E Jan.1,2019)










36 Hours in Queens, New York

36 Hours in Queens, New York

By: Anahi Rodriguez

Founded in 1683, Queens is the nation’s fourth most populous and the most ethnically diverse urban area in the world. Queens is made up of cultures ranging from American, Hispanic, Greek, Asian and so much more, which makes it very unique. Despite its large size and cultural attributes, as travelers make their way to New York they quickly overflow Manhattan for it’s bright buildings and crowded streets, Queens remains nearly untouched. With it being so big, there are a variety of things to do and try, such as diverse cuisines and iconic attractions.


1. 2:30pm. Explore Main Street, Flushing

Street view of Roosevelt Ave and Main Street, after exiting the train station.

Street view of Roosevelt Ave and MainStreet Photo Credit: Anahi

As you exit the Flushing-Main Street train station, after sitting in the 7 train for about 20 minutes, the sound of Asian dialects increases. Main Street is surrounded by local vendors, stores, food and noise. In terms of food options, it’s practically endless here. Some of the best Pork Buns are just a two minute walk, located in The Good Fortune Supermarket. You can get three freshly made pork buns for $2.00 from Dumpling Galaxy. The market not only has Pork Buns but has bowls of Pho, Dumplings, Ramen, Sushi and more. There are also more food markets that offer much more food such as The New York Food Court and The Food Hall at Queens Crossing Then, about a five minute walk you end up at The Shops at Sky view Center, which has stores ranging from Target to Bed Bath & Beyond, in case you are in need of any important essentials. Aside from the mall, Main Street is surrounded by stores like Macy’s, Footlocker, Rainbow and Modell’s.

2. 4:30pm Flushing Meadow Park

A view of the Citified Stadium from the Flushing Meadows Park

Citi field Stadium from Flushing Meadows Park Photo Credit: Anahi

Just a 10 minute walk from Main Street, you reach one end of the Flushing Meadows Park, which is the fourth largest public park in New York City. This park holds the iconic Unisphere, which was initially built because the park was supposed to be a Disney amusement park. The park also has the Shea Stadium, Queens Zoo (Adults $8, Seniors $6, Children from ages 3-12 are $5 and Children under 3 years old enter free), New York Hall of Science (Adults $16, Seniors $13, Children $13), the Botanical Garden (Adults $23-$28, Seniors $20-$25 and Children $10-$12), tennis courts and a small golf course (Adults $18.75-$21, Seniors $12-$13 and Children $7-$8, for club rentals $2 each and 3 packs of balls for $6).

3. 5:30pm. Sing your heart out

The outside of the building of the karaoke place

Outside of K-show Karaoke place Photo Credit: Anahi

K-Show is a karaoke place that offers a private room for you and your group to sing along to a wide range of songs. The prices range depending on the size of the room that you want to rent out. For a small room $38, Medium $58, Large $78, VIP $98 and VVIP $138, they all include one or more food item. Aside from the free food item, you can order small food portions and drinks that you can enjoy as you watch your friends and family sing.

4. 7:00pm. Xiang Hot Pot

Located in the New World Mall, this hot pot restaurant has been serving high quality food since 2003. Some of the classic food items are sliced beef, pork, chicken, seafood, dumplings,tofu, mushrooms, eggs and more. For a two pot combo it cost $20 and the price increases depending on them more meats and spices you order.

5. 9:00pm. Never too late for Bubble Tea

Coco Bubble Tea

Coco Bubble Tea Photo Credit: Anahi

Flushing is surround by various of bubble tea shops but this one in particular always has a line. After eating a lovely meal and as your heading back to your hotel, you can stop by Coco to order some bubble tea that range from$5-$10 depending on what you order.


6. 10:00am. Astoria Park

A great way to kick start your morning is simply walk around Astoria park and enjoy the tall green trees, the sound of birds chirping, the sound of the waves crashing on the rocks and looking out to the view of Manhattan. If your feeling more in the active spirit, you can go on a jog/run around the track, play soccer on the newly developed soccer filed or walk around the outer area of the track and try out the exercise equipment. No matter what you do, you will enjoy the scenery and openness that Astoria Park has to offer.

7. 12:00pm. Time for Lunch

Across the street view of Crescent Kitchen

Crescent Kitchen diner Photo Credit: Anahi

After enjoying a wonderful walk around Astoria Park, head towards Crescent Street to eat at the iconic Crescent Kitchen for lunch. This mini diner offers various types of diner foods that anyone can enjoy for reasonable prices. For instance, the burgers served with fries, coleslaw and pickles is only about $5-$10. Their signature Philly Cheese Steak with sliced steak, melted mozzarella cheese and rich caramelized onions in only $7

8. 2:00pm. Chip

Across the street view of Chip

Chip, cookie shop Photo Credit: Anahi

Chip offers some of the softest and most delicious cookies that keeps you wanting more, which explains why they constantly have a long line that can wrap around the corner! You can enjoy a variety of cookies ranging from chocolate chip, white chocolate with raisins, funfetti and more but some flavors are only available on specific days so visit https://www.chipnewyorkcity.com/ to make sure you go on a day that offers your favorite flavor. The cookies can range from $3 to $4. Chip also sells some warm delicious drinks such as coffee and hot chocolate.

9. 3:30pm. Steinway

View of Steinway street

Steinway Photo Credit: Anahi

In the mood for more shopping? Steinway is the place to go. As you walk down the long streets of Steinway, you can stumble upon stores you know and may not know. There are stores that range from Footlocker, antique shops, pet stores, Gap, Express, Bath and Body Works, Payless and much more. You will find yourself going into every store and finding something new in each one of them. Aside from the clothing shops, Steinway also has shops that offer a wide range of food options such as pizza, sandwiches, chicken, bagels, Hispanic food and many more. Walking around Steinway is also very relaxing and entertaining.

10. 6:00pm. Gyro World

View of Gyro World

Gyro World Photo Credit: Anahi

After you have done all that walking and shopping through Steinway, you can make a stop at Gyro World. Gyro World offers some of the best Gyros you can find in New York City, you will never find this shop empty or not upbeat. The welcoming employees make you feel right at home and are willing to always help if you have any question or concerned about the food. The delicious gyros, range from $6-$10. The gyros are reasonable prices and are a pretty decent price. The rich and yummy spices that seep through, are to die for.

11. 8:30pm. Viva Viva

What a long and eventful day, it’s time to wind down and enjoy the company of friends and family, Viva Viva is a newly opened but popular taqueria cantina (taco place). This cantina has such a lively ambiance that brings everyone together. If you don’t want or are not at the legal age to drink, you can enjoy their non alcoholic beverages that are all infused by fruits of your liking, which makes them very yummy. For the alcoholic drinks, there are a range of cocktails, sangrias, margaritas and wines. Overall, the drinks range from $8 to $15. Then food wise, the cantina offers delicious tacos with roasted pork and pineapple, grilled steak, fish and chicken that range from $3.74 to $4 each.


12. 10:00pm. Socrates Sculpture Park

View of the entrance of Socrates Sculpture Park

Socrates Sculpture Park Photo Credit: Anahi

As you walk through the park, you feel the cool breeze from the river. People are laying on the grass, walking their dogs or dancing to music. There’s various of art pieces scattered around the park. Socrates Sculpture Park offers land for local artist to display their artwork. The art pieces range in size, color and meaning. Sometimes there are some art pieces that can seem kinda funny or odd but once you actually analyze them and read the description, you realize the deeper meaning of each sculpture.

13. 12:20pm. MoMA PS1

While in the spirit of looking and critically analyzing art, you can make your way to the MoMA. This art museum has various exhibitions that has colorful, dark, odd, fascinating art pieces that you can find just anywhere. The MoMA really creates a space for true artist to showcase their unique artistic expressions. The MoMA also has different events and festivals that are open to the public but cost $10 for adults and $5 for children and seniors. This art museum is very intriguing and such a hotspot for tourist and locals.


  1. The Z New York City Hotel is located in 11-01 43rd Ave, Long Island City, NY 11101. This hotel has a very simplistic and elegant feel through its white, black, red color scheme. This hotel has a large lobby that has a sitting area that consists of leather couches and has a rustic vibe. This hotel offers free breakfast and a spa. A typical night this hotel with a queen bed cost about $330 and for king sized bed, it costs about $395.
  2. The Collective Paper Factory is located 37-06 36th St, Long Island City, NY 11101. This hotel has pops of color through their decor and structure. The hotel incorporates wood and metals to create a rustic but modern vibe throughout the hotel, A lot of the rooms are really big and has their own color scheme but they seem to sick with darker and neutral colors. This hotel offers a business center and a spa for their guests. Each night, at this hotel with a superior queen bed is about $193 and for a king sized bed, it cost about $202 each night,


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36 Hours Corona Queens, Ny

Have you ever wanted to experience a different part of New York City without actually have to go to far? Corona, Queens is the place to go for the different types of food to the different activities that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else but here. This is the place to go


5pm Friday: Upon arrival besides wanting to go to your hotel first the first thing that would want to be done first is to eat at Corona, Queens has great places to eat. One of the places that should be eaten at is a Azoguenita Bakery & Restaurant. Which sells Ecuatoriana & Colombiana food. The food is really cheap and you can get a full plate of food. They have Breakfast Hamburgers, Rotisserie Chicken,.

First meal of the day

10am Saturday: Breakfast Time! You Can eat at this Ecuadorian restaurant called El Cuencanito.. Also a very cheap place, but does provide a lot of food. There’s so many options. Most breakfast meals cost about 4 to 20 dollars depending on what you want.

New York hall of science

12pm Saturday: Flushing Meadows Corona Park. Which has multiple attractions all in one area and is a very kid friendly place the kids will never get bored and will always have some time to do. One of the attractions that kid friendly and adult friendly and very educational is the New York Hall of science. Tickets range from $13-16. The hours on the weekdays are from 9:30am-5pm and on the weekends it is 10am-6pm. The exhibits that are on display are the Solar Cat, Imaging Women in the space age, Weather the Weather, and the art of the brick.

Lunch time

3pm Saturday: It Wouldn’t be a borough in New York if it didn’t have a pizzeria. It’s only right that lunch time is pizza.  At The Corona pizzeria & Restaurant. It is not expensive. They have everything from Zeppoles, Buffalo Wings, classic cheese pizzas, and even garlic bread with mozzarella and many more.

The lemon ice king

5pm Saturday: Nothing’s wrong with treating yourself with a little treat after being out and about and exploring what is a better place to do that at then at the one and only Lemon Ice king of corona. Its an Icee place with Icee’s that have real fruit inside along with candy apples. They have many many different flavors.


Shop till you drop
7pm Saturday: You can’t end the night right unless you go shopping at Queens Center Mall. It is the place to be. It has every store you can think of. It stays opening extra late on the weekends 9am-12am. It even has a build a bear workshop for the kids or the adults and I’ve only ever heard of that store in queens center mall so that makes it special.

Zoo animals

3pm Sunday: A Nice little Sunday afternoon at the queens zoo looking at all the Animals. Tickets for adults are 9.95 children 6.95 and seniors are 7.95 and the hours are from 10am to 4:30


The best hotel to stay at while here is the Springhill suites by Marriott. They offer a modern living  wine, beer and tasty snacks, Free breakfast, Free wifi, and a fitness center. The rate for this room is $224 That’s a great rate






36 Hour In New York City, NY


Many tourist travel to different countries all over the world, to warm places, cold places, but one of those places that most tourist visit would be New York City, NY. NYC is filled with many attractions that catches tourists attention but, NYC has a small town called Little Italy which is located in Lower Manhattan. Little Italy is a very cultural neighborhood where Italians gathered with their family to run many restaurants and making the neighborhood feel like back home in Italy. Also, there’s a lot of good attractions, restaurants, and retail places around it, which you could visit any time of the day.



4:00PM, Mulberry and Grand

While walking into Little Italy, I’ll recommend to first stop by the boutique, which you could take the 6 train to Canal st. and walk 2 blocks straight. The boutique has very unique clothing that’ll be great for different type of climate, whether is hot or cold, or even if it rain. Also, they sell different type of shades of sunglasses. Some are colorful, some has a simple day look. They even have a big mirror with an amazing lighting. The prices for clothing range from $15 to $30 and the price for sunglasses range from $10 to $15, it is a little expensive but both are made with a great material that’ll last.


6:30pm, Spaghetti Incident Pasta Shop

Before heading to explore the city and you want to grab something quick to eat, stop by the Spaghetti Incident Pasta Shop where is known to have their famous spaghetti in a cone. Spaghetti cone was first invented by an Italian named Emanuele Attala, chef-owner from the West Village Malatesta and Malaparte. During that time, Italy was poor and most of the food was unhealthy food made in paper cones. They were sold at the beach, for parties and just grown-ups hanging out. https://www.villagevoice.com/2015/07/23/get-your-bucatini-and-bolt-spaghetti-incident-serves-pasta-in-a-go-cone/  You could pick your choices for the spaghetti pasta cone but, I’ll recommend the Chitarra ($13.00) which includes homemade mozzarella, basil, and fresh chopped tomato sauce or if you’re into seafood, I’ll recommend Salmone & Asparagi ($13.00) which includes steamed asparagus, capers, chopped fresh salmon, and creamy vodka sauce.


8:00pm, Times Sq.

Nothing is better than seeing the city that doesn’t sleep at night with lights all around you go. In the 19th century, Times Square area used to be a residential and commercial. It was named Times Square in 1904. Today, this area is filled with big stores, tall buildings, characters (Spider Man, Mickey Mouse, etc.) around to take pictures, also is the place known to see the ball drop on New Years Eve, Broadway shows that had become very entertainment, and movie theaters with 4D which is great to see a movie in because it feels like you’re actually in the movie. Just to let you know, the area is great but it’s too expensive. Also, most of the MTA Trains has stops to Time Square like the 1,2,3,7,A,C,E,N,W,Q,R.https://www.britannica.com/topic/Times-Square


11:00am, Statue of Liberty

To get to the Statue of Liberty, you could take the 4 or the 6 train. I recommend to buy the tour ticket ($47) because the tour guide will give you all historical facts about the Statue Of Liberty and also you’ll get to visit Ellis Island as well and get a tour guide. You’ll be going on a ferry to make the first stop to the Statue of Liberty. On your way there, you’ll see Jersey City, New Jersey across over the Hudson River on your right and you’ll see where the immigrants were held when they came to New York City in the late 1800s, on your left. When you arrive to the Statue of Liberty, on your left you’ll see the new museum that just opened up that has historical facts about how we got Statue of Liberty and also how it was brought across the ocean to New York City. 

12:00pm, Ellis Island

After seeing the Statue of Liberty, you’ll be brought here, to Ellis Island. Ellis Island is where the immigrants first came to get checked up before actually entering the country. The tour guide will tell you what kind of test they did on the immigrants, who was allow to enter the country, who was not, etc. Ellis Island is a very historical place. After the early 1900s, when U.S Boarder of Protection exsisted, immigrants were no longer in need to go to Ellis Island so the building was closed down and then re open as a museum to show tourist or even residents of New York about the history of how immigrants were able to cross the boarder. Also, they have a small office that has computers for you to look up your ancestors to see if they once had been to Ellis Island as an immigrant.


Ferrara Bakery & Cafe


On your way back to Little Italy, you should stop by the best place that sells Gelato in New York City. The bakery seems like a professional dine in with really good servers, and assist you if you need anything. They have different kind of Gelatos but if you’re looking for a gelato that has cake over it, i’ll recommend Tri Color. The Gelato is very pricey, a small cup is $6.00 and large cup is $7.50, but it’s worth it.


12:00pm, Ristorante IL Cortile

Good afternoon lunch at the best restaurant to dine in in Little Italy. The restaurant had one part with dim lights to make the statues on the wall stand out. Manager Many stated, “We have 4 different parts to dine in, as also we have a private lounge with a bar, we usually get bridal showers here and kids from school come in groups.” I was amazed by this restaurants because it felt like each part of the restaurant had different time of the day. Some part would have dim lights, some would have bright lights, and also have an outside view like if you’re dining outside. Also, the amenities that’s provided makes guest feel comfort, such as having Wifi, mini bars, private bars, music, tablets, etc. The menu presents really good food but the prices range from $25 to $250. 






A best hotel around the area and has good fair would be Best Western. Prices could range $200-$500. There’s the B,D,6,J, and Z train near the hotel. When you walk in the hotel, it’s really quiet with dim lights and doesn’t have guest sitting down besides 2 or 3. The hotel is mostly for business as it has a small lobby and not many amenities. The type of amenities it has is Wifi, outside gym, patio on 2nd floor. The kind of service that provides would be room service, business center, free breakfast, a place to store luggage. If you only need a hotel room to sleep in and just going to go out during the whole day, I would recommend this hotel.



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