Week 2nd

Hi all,

As you, who read my first entry already know, I intern in the marketing department of Symphony Space. I create show posters, social media images, flyers, monthly calendars, house program booklet, and poster rotations. We have weekly marketing meeting, all-staff meeting, and all-intern meeting. All my work and performance is supervised by the Senior Graphic Designer.

When I was looking for an internship last winter, I looked through internship postings on Google, Glassdoor, Indeed, etc. I had interviews with two places, a training school and Symphony Space. When I saw the the 17/18 mid-season booklets and lobby wrap, I felt “this place can inspire me and teach me a lot of skills and help me to explore colors and patterns.

(This is an example of one of Children’s show design)

(2018 Gala Show instagram image)

At the interview, I was interviewed by the Senior Graphic Designer and the Senior Marketing Manager. During the interview, I was asked if I knew about Symphony Space beforehand, and why I want to work at Symphony Space.

Unfortunately, I’ve never heard of Symphony Space before I learned about this internship opportunity. So I answered honestly. They laughed and understood. They also told me that it’s not an rare answer when they get interviewees. For the second questions, I explained how much I love print designs and the amount of print designs Symphony Space work on, and colorful graphics Symphony Space‘s have led me here.I It took a little less than a week to get a email from the Internship Coordinator that I am chosen for the internship.

Since then, I very much enjoy my time working here. I feel that I am very lucky to be here.

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