Week 4th

Since last week, my main task was to bring images and datas from off-line servers to on-line cloud server. This task is easy but very time consuming work, so the staffs abandoned this server for two years. Now, since our theater’s show season is over and every projects aren’t too time sensitive, I figured this can be my little goodbye/thank you present to the marketing department who gave me this amazing opportunity to work at Symphony Space.

Although, this server costs a lot of money to purchase, it was not one of the best cloud data server service out there. But since we are not Google or Spotify, we had to find something within our budget.

I’m still working on this task and my goal is to reach 2000 images by tomorrow, my last day at Symphony Space. I am almost done with 2017/18 season pictures from various events including literary programs, music shows, and Gala show.

I am glad that I could be a part of this place and helpful.

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