Week 3rd – 2

I think one of the biggest collaborative project I’ve worked on as an intern was the 2018 Gala show. This project was handled by the Development Department, whose office is right next to our department.

This picture is one of silent auction 38 posters with images and texts constantly being revised, changed, etc.
When my boss first assigned me a design project to design an auction poster, I came up with a handful design, and she picked one. There were many design revision while text edits were going on. It was a multi-tasking project. And I love to multi-task. It refreshes my head and keep me interested through out the day.

Marketing department and Development department communicated with threads of emails, which went up to more than 100. The project itself was not a uniquely creative design project, but the fact that I was communicating with other departments’ directors directly made me feel like I am actually helping and working.

This revising, cutting, putting into the frames of this project went until a day before the Gala show. It was great and I felt good!

When I think back, I think I made a annual “wedding registry” for the theater.


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