Week one: 

 Cleveland, William A History of the Middle East Chapter One

      Find the countries/ capitals of the Middle East/ North Africa 

plagiarism exam Due Sept 3rd

Week two: 

William Cleveland, The Modern Middle East

 Chapter 4 (weekly writing option due)

Week three: 

Cleveland Chapter  5  (weekly writing option due)

Week four:

ClevelandChapter 6 (weekly writing option due)

Week five: 

 Cleveland, Chapter 7 (weekly writing option due) October 10th

Week six: 

Cleveland, Chapter 8 (weekly writing option due) October 17th

Debate “Clash of Civilizations” instructions

Due October 19th

Week seven

Cleveland, Chapter 9 Nov 7th (chose chapter 9 or 10)

Week eight:

Exam 1 October 24th 

Cleveland, Chapter 10 Nov 7th (chose chapter 9 or 10)

Week 9: 

Cleveland, Chapter 11 and 12

Week 10: 

Cleveland, Chapter 13 and 14

Week 11: 

Cleveland, Chapter 15 and 16

Week 12: 

Cleveland, Chapter 18 and 20

Week 13: 

Cleveland, Chapter 20 and 22

Film Assignment West Beirut  Due Nov 23rd

Week 14: 

Cleveland, Chapter 24  (topics paper due Dec 7th)

Week 15: 

 Cleveland,  Chapter 25

Exam 2/ Final: Dec 16th

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