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The textbooks for this course

William Cleveland, The Modern Middle East 4th edition is the textbook

Writing Assignments:

Debate paper (Both Huntington and Said links for this assignment)

Due March 17th

Below you will find the links to two discussions. One is by Samuel Huntington and the other is by Edward Said. They are debating the concept put forward by Huntington known as the “clash of civilizations.” This concept was revived and made famous after Sept 11th when Bush used it to describe the justification for the invasion of Iraq.

Using Chapters 8 and 9 of Cleveland and the ideas put forward by Huntington and Said please determine how much of the end of the Ottoman Empire and the coming of WWI were a “clash” of civilizations” or where they more of what Said describes. You want to directly reference the arguments that the scholars put forward to support your claims.

This is a 5 paragraph essay- typed.

Samuel Huntington

Edward Said


West Beirut  Link

Topics Paper

Pick one issue in the Middle East of your choice and discuss how social media represents that issue. You can use any social media platform. This is a three paragraph assignment. Single space-one typed page.




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