Assignment Instructions

Weekly Discussion

Every week a question will be placed in Blackboard based on the readings. Answer each question in 4-5 sentences.

Weekly writing assignments:

Please read the assigned readings for the week and answer the questions that appear on Blackboard

It is due by 11:59 on Wednesday every week.

Plagiarism Exam

(you need a score of 11 to pass-please screenshot your final score and upload it to Blackboard)


The question and terms will be uploaded to Blackboard two weeks before the due date. You are to write 5-7 pages answering the question and define the terms based on lectures and readings.

Said and Huntington Debate over the “class of civilization” argument

Please write 5 paragraphs comparing the arguments of Samuel Huntington and Edward Said.

Please watch the Huntington interview on Charlie Rose where he describes his “class of civilizations” argument.

Biography of Samuel Huntington

Please familiarize yourself with the information presented in this biograph because it will help you read his argument.

Please watch the Edward Said Lecture on the “clash of civilizations.”

Biography of Edward Said

Assignment: Please watch both interviews and discuss the two arguments.  This is a comparative paper. You are to compare the two arguments and present which is more compelling and offer why with evidence in paragraphs 2-4

In paragraph one: State both Huntington and Said’s argument. (a big part of your grade will be determined by how well you understand the arguments)

In paragraphs two-four: offer evidence from the interviews to show that you understand the arguments.

Paragraph five: Conclusion

Here is a guide to help you write your paper.

Film: West Beirut

Here is the film that you should watch. It should take you about an hour and a half to watch the film. It is in Arabic and has subtitles. It is a really great movie. You should also watch this film after you do the reading on the Lebanese Civil War in Cleveland. There is not weekly reading assigned this week, but you need that reading to help you complete this assignment.


Please write 2 – 3 pages about the film West Beirut and discuss the film in the context of the Lebanese Civil War.

Answer the following question: How does the film represent the reality of the Lebanese Civil War? (Make sure to connect to the historical reality found in Cleveland). You want to show how this film  reflects the historical context. Your thesis should answer this question.

Also, remember to revise your work before you submit it.

As always you are expected to only use Cleveland and the Film. You may not consult any sources on the internet, share work with colleagues or engage in any activity that gives you an unfair advantage over others. I am always here to help. Please ask for help.

Topics Paper

Below you will find links to 5 different topics. Please chose one of these topics and write three paragraphs discussing how this topic helps you to have a more complex understanding of the Middle East and North Africa.

Please summarize what you learned in one paragraph and then offer three paragraphs to discuss what you learned and a final paragraph to wrap up or conclude. This paper will be part of a larger project in our weekly discussions.



Gender/ Masculinity




Religion Minorities

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