AIGA Field Trip

During our field trip to AIGA we saw some interesting ways of advertising. Some were meant to be for the audience to be shocked and remember the event. One of the most shocking posters for me was the headless chicken that was an invitation to their annual event; this poster had the attention of many people who decided to show up at the convention to find out what was all about. This poster is now known worldwide as something that change the way graphic arts impact people.

One of my personal favorites was the Bob Dylan poster, design in bright colors that simulated hair and black background to give it a high contrast. Whats also a big thing was the time in which this was made, in a time where album artworks were more of picture than an art form.

While our tour guide also showed us the very first invitation that had graphics instead of just plain text was an invitation sent to their members that at the time consisted of just a few white rich men due to the time on which the company originated.