Field Trip #2

On May 7 we visited The United Federation of Teachers printing facility, located in lower Manhattan, New York. This facility serves schools throughout the five boroughs. This facility had at least a few dozen machines that include some that the company is testing for the manufacture meaning they’re one of the few selected. The company produces many things including letters, invitations, posters and even booklets. All of these materials are produce in different equipment depending on what the job requires.

One of the most interesting machines and at the same time terrifying was the paper cutter. Something that can cut thousands of paper sheets in one second. Other machines include one that automatically insets content on a mail envelop and prints out the name and address, making the proses fast to keep up with the companies demand. Along these machines some are digital and others are old machines that require extra work to function.

Some of the old machines also use different materials like their ink and oil to keep it in good conditions. These machines also use different techniques on printing and some even require another machine to finish or star the jobs, this includes making a negative so the machine knows where to put the ink.