Week 8 Respond

Why Coke’sDavid Butleristhe Real Thing”


By designing a new dispenser machine they’re are trying to stay true to their beginning, as an artist I see the designer struggling a little because of the rich and long history with the company. Many of the concepts are new and the brand is old and known by mostly everyone in the world. Many of the designs are also to give the costumer that feeling of knowing the brand and familiarity.



“ The High Cost of Free”


On this article the author refers to most of the things that are available to everyone for free, that is if there is time. Most people prefer to buy stuff rather than wait a few weeks to get it. He also refers to people and explains how some people seem to be happy with buying stuff and getting satisfaction.



“Adobe Future is in the Past”


Adobe has been on computer for a long time now, as the future and its technology expand we can bring more realistic things to live. For example as the author explains most of the things like painting are basic with just a pencil and paper. When the adobe chief executive explains how by touching the screen many people will just feel familiar with the concept and not have to go through the struggle of learning a whole different system than that of painting.