Monthly Archives: September 2018

Introducing Kyle Brunson

Hi, my name is Kyle, I’m an Emerging Media Technologies major. I became interested in this major because it provides me with classes in coding that have more of a focus on areas I’m interested in. Areas like interactive media, and video game design. After Calculus 2, I’ll have to take statistics. After I graduate from City Tech, I hope to be working in the gaming industry. Although, I’m not sure what aspect I’d like to be involved in just yet. I hope to get a better understanding of Calculus, and a hobby I enjoy is watching, and playing sports.

Introducing Sage Stoney

My name’s Sage. My major is biomedical informatics. 1575 will be my last math class. After citytech, I hope to land an internship at a lab and have already started looking. What I want out of this class is just a better understanding of the material. I’m not a math aficionado by any stretch of the imagination. My interests are vast and varied, but the most prominent one now is definitely studying.

Introducing Roshin Philip

 My name is Roshin Philip and my major is Mechanical Engineering Technology. I became interested in this major because I’m very fond of the new technologies we have, especially in the car industry. I’m interested in knowing how they work together to achieve a goal. The Math class I will take after Calculus 2 will be Differential Equations. After I graduate, I hope to get a job either in the automotive field or acoustical engineering field. Out of this class , I hope to learn new material that I can use towards my future career. My interests include traveling, listening to music, photography, and hiking.

Jasmine Leal

Hi, my name is Jasmine Leal and I am majoring in Liberal Arts & Science. Calculus 2 will be my last and final class for graduation (a requirement). I was previously studying biomedical informatics as a pre-med option but changed half way because I want to pursue photography as a career. Photography started out as a hobby at first but now it’s a long term goal as a pursuit. Other interest I have is watching films, painting, reading novels, and learning languages and different cultures (for example I am currently learning Japanese). Even though I am pursuing a career path that mainly revolves around art making, math is challenging for me and so math in a way,; even though not applied when it comes to photography it builds mental discipline by analyzing and solving math problems.

Introduction: Omkar Chandarpal

My name is Omkar Chandarpal. My major is Electrical Engineering Technology. I chose this major because I have always been curious about how electronic devices such as cellphones and computers work. 1575 is my last math class for my major. I hope to be working in the field after graduation. I hope to build a strong calculus foundation from this class which will help me in my field.