• 5% class participation (including online)
  • 20% WeBWorK
  • 40% Best 2 out of 3 midterm exams
  • 35% final exam
  • GradeScale

Homework will not be collected. Instead, online homework sets will be due, usually on Monday and Wednesday nights.

There will be a short quiz at the beginning of class based on the material from the previous session. These quizzes will be self-corrected and are mainly meant to provide you feedback as to how you are doing in the course.

The quiz problems will be based on problems from the following 3 sources:

  1. webwork;
  2. homework problems listed in the course schedule;
  3. final exam review.

The material for these quizzes will often be chosen with the final exam in mind (it is advised that you also consult the final exam review prior to each session).

A complete set of attempts (done in pencil) and corrections (done in ink) carefully put together and organized (be sure to put your name, session day, date and topic on each sheet) earns you 10% bonus on your next midterm exam provided that you

  1. have missed no more than one class in this period with one additional late <20 minutes (or 2 lates without an absence);
  2. submit the packet at the beginning of the exam in question;

If you miss a class or are late, you are responsible for getting the problems from the quiz from a classmate, with the exception of the quiz prior to the exam in question, which you can get from the instructor via email.

Midterm Tests:

Test 1: Thursday, September 27
Test 2: Thursday, October 18
Test 3: Tuesday, November 20

  • Latecomers will not receive extra time.
  • No make-up tests will be given. If you miss a test, that will be the one which is not used in the grade calculation. Any student who misses two tests should seriously consider dropping the course.
  • No sample exams will be given for the midterm tests. YOUR DAILY QUIZZES carefully organized, studied and solved will serve this purpose.

Final Exam, Thursday December 20:
The final exam covers all topics studied. It must be taken to pass the course. The department provides a final exam review.

You are expected to participate in class and in online discussion on the Open Lab. Details will be announced in class, via email or on the openlab. You will be assigned a participation grade out of 10.

A midterm grade (P, BL, U) will be written on your Second Exam when returned to you on Tuesday, Oct 30. The last day to withdraw with a W is Tuesday, Nov 6.

Prefinal Grade:

  • Provided 1 week prior to the final exam broken down by component.
  • It is up to you to verify the accuracy of this report. In particular, be sure to keep all the material from the course until the final grade has been determined, this includes quizzes and exams.

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