Quizzes since exam 3

Exam 3 will have 10 questions similar to Quizzes_exam3Quizzes_exam3 (pdf). The instructions for the final exam review questions have no additional parts and the problems in general will take less time to complete than those on the earlier exams. That said, come to the exam having done many practice problems. Be sure to do the problems from the book listed in mat1575schedule_v3 in addition to the webwork problems.

Exam 2 will have 5 questions similar to Quizzes_exam2Quizzes_exam2 (pdf). Please follow the directions carefully. There will be 2 improper integral and at least one partial fraction and Taylor polynomial problems. Remaining problem could be a second partial fraction problem or an MVT problem.

Same instructions as in exam 1 for definite and indefinite integrals. Special instructions for Taylor series and MVT problems:
Additional instructions for Taylor Polynomials: find the error term and find a bound for it 1 unit from the center. Evaluate 1 unit from center and verify that the error is within the bound.
Additional instructions for MVT : Sketch the function f(x) over the interval [a, b] …. sketch relevant tangent and secant lines.

Quizzes_exam1 version 2! Note: problems are same, but additional instructions have been added, namely
” Instructions for indefinite integrals:  i. Evaluate  ii. Check by differentiating! iii. Determine the critical points for your resulting functions and use the first derivative test to classify them.
Instructions for definite integrals: i. Evaluate. If you use a substitution technique, change the limits to the new variable. (Do not substitute back to original variable!) Answers must be exact. ii. Find numeric approximations iii. Sketch graphs of the integrand by evaluating at the endpoints and at the midpoint. iv. Do your answers make sense numerically?”

Here are some additional notes:

  1. Considering that these additional instructions were provided to you at the last minute, you DO NOT have to use them for your up to 10 pts of extra credit.
  2. Exam has 5 +1 questions: 3 definite integrals, 2 indefinite, plus a 3rd indefinite integral for extra credit.
  3. It is strongly suggested that you make up your own formula sheet with a small table of integrals and trigonometric identities that you may need. This should be 2 pages (one sheet) and must be handwritten.
  4. You must have a graphing calculator. You may not use one which is also a computer algebra system such as a TI-89, or any other digital device such as a phone or laptop.