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Journal In Internship

Before I have a internship in the image& visual communications company, I emailed my samples and resume. In this society, resume and samples are very important  for looking for a job. You need to write your working experiences in your resume and your boss can know your skill from your samples. After I had an interview with Professor Al Vargas, I have 12 hours one week in the internship.

During these week, my supervisor gives me an assignment  that making typography animation. I using photoshop mask to take out some figures. Then I make City Tech logo moving on a photo by using Adobe After Effects. I tried to recall learning the course of motion graphic in college and did them. After I finished my assignment, I showed my ideas to my supervisor. I hope I can improve my skill in this training.

This company looks as a private company. There are maybe ten more workers. After one week, I saw more classmates in City Tech have internship here.

I think this assignment is very interesting, and I want to do illustration next step. My supervisor made me to do more ideas in sketches.