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  • Question and metaquestion - time stamp is incorrect on comments
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    Jonas Reitz

    Hi guys! First, the metaquestion: When I have questions or comments about the OpenLab, where should I leave them? Not sure if we’re still using the Pioneers group for this purpose.

    Now, my question: The time stamp seems to be incorrect, off by a few hours. It’s currently 1am on Feb 9th, and I just got a comment on my MAT1575 class site which is marked as 5:37am on Feb 9th. Previous comments from today seem to be off by a similar amount (can’t vouch for previous days). Here’s a link:

    Thanks! The new OpenLab looks great, and is generally running fine. Great job, you guys :)


    Prof. Karen Goodlad

    Hi Jonas,
    I am sure that leaving this message here is appropriate because the IT Fellows and Jody are still members but it could also be sent to the help desk. “Help” is found on the OpenLab home page.

    Thanks for catching time stamp problem.



    Jenna Spevack

    Hi Jonas, Karen,

    Happy to hear you like the new look!

    Please report any bugs (like this one) to the OpenLab Community Team via the Contact Us form. There are links to this form on the homepage, but also in the About and Help sections.

    Of course, it’s still great to talk about them here, in addition — good to share and see if other users have had the same experience.



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