ENG 1141: Intro to Creative Writing, Fall 2020

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  • Participation Activity, Session 23: The Story of My Name
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    Jennifer Sears

    Use the instructions in the Session 23 To-Do List for today’s discussion board:



    3. Who is the person who named you and why did they chose this name?

    Well, I had 2 different names given to me. First it was Antonio, given to me by my father, but then my mother convinced him to change it to Danel. Not Daniel, but Danel without the I. My mother told me she gave me that name because it was my mother’s cousin’s name that she cherish the most. I never met him, nor I remember what my mother say what he was like. That’s all I know. and for the name Antonio, i think my dad liked the name, hell, so did I. It became my middle name instead and grew use to the name Danel. Even though people sometimes mispronounce it at time…


    Andy Escobedo

    2.How did you get your name? (the origin story)

    my mother decided upon my name. My background is that my parents and siblings are immigrants so when they emigrated here to America they seek the American dream. with that, I was their hope since my mother was pregnant at the time when coming to America she told me with all the pain she suffers coming here she knows that I would make her proud. I was born in New York City and the Bronx to be specific in North Central hospital on January 26, 1999. There were multiple reasons behind my name the first reason she thought since I was born in America she wanted an American name. However, my father recommends a Mexican name which my mother heavily disagrees with because my father wanted to name me Herculano Francisco Escobedo which doesn’t fit right with her and said it sounded weird for an American boy. later my father wanted to name me after Michael Jackson since my father really loves his music but the idea was declined because my mother wanted to name me and that my father wasn’t good with names. when she was holding me she saw how cute I was she decided to name me a well-known name like Andy. Furthermore, my mother believed I was going to be her only boy so she gave me her two runners-up names Andy and Daniel so I pretty much took my brother’s name who was later named Jeffrey. Also, she told me that in Mexico it was common to have a middle name. Therefore that’s how my mother named me



    2. How did you get your name?

    I heard two names given to me growing up. One was DAHYANERRA, and the second NINI. I originally got the first name given to me by my grandmother’s sister. She had named me after a relative who’s name was SHADERRIA. I thought that it was very unique and cool to know that I was named differently from someone who had a similar name to mines yet different. However, I also grew up hearing people call me NINI. This now was given to me by my parents, I guess as a nickname for my original name. I believe it was much easier to say and for others to pronounce. I actually liked it! I sometimes preferred being called my nickname just because it was easier for folks to say, but I did not hate my original name because that name showed me a lot about myself.


    Oscar Ramirez

    – How did you get your name? (The Origin Story)

    I really don’t have anything special connecting or relating towards my name of how it came to be, my parents just had two names in mind and had to decide which one to use. My father had the idea of naming Bladimir its like Vladimir but with a B instead of a V, while my mother didn’t really like that name for she wanted to name me after my father Oscar. Eventually my parents came to the decision to name me Oscar but instead of putting Jr. as my middle name to show that I had the same name as my father they decided to put the name my father had come up with has my middle name so my full name is Oscar Bladimir Ramirez. But I don’t really tell anybody I have a middle name or even use it, I use it just when it comes to legal documents, so people know me as Oscar Ramirez only.


    Orion McCaine

    My name is Orion. It took me a long time to come to terms with that because it is so different. I would ask my mother about it and she would tell me that my father named me. My father always told me that my mother gave me my name. To me, it sounded like neither of them wanted to take the blame for my name. So many people mispronounced and misspelled it, they still do, actually. It wasn’t until I was in high school when I finally started to appreciate my name. I suppose this was due to my burgeoning self-confidence and understanding of who I was as a person. I looked it up, it’s Greek. The most famous instance of my name is the constellation, Orion the Hunter. Now, I love my name, regardless of who bestowed it upon me. I wish I knew for sure, so I could thank them for naming me Orion. And I hope, one day, my unborn son will thank me for naming him Orion as well.



    3. Who is the person who named you and why did they choose this name?

    There is something strange about my name, if you are Chinese, you will also find it. Because my name is a girl’s name, every time someone asks my name, I will hesitate, especially if the person who asks my name in Chinese. My mother named me Wang Jing. Jing means calm and quiet in Chinese. Our family had a lot of annoying things to deal with before I was born, and my mother hoped that after I was born there would be less of them and we would all live a peaceful life. She gave me a very girl’s name, but the moral was very good. I accept them and I like my name.

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    Steven Bachoo

    How did you get your name? (the origin story)

    My last name is Bachoo but there are some people that say it differently. I was given the name as Steven from both my mom and my dad. My mom mostly came up with the name herself. There was a specific way she came up with it by telling me that she got it based off of the name Steven Spielberg, an American film director. That is why she named me Steven to this day. My middle name she got was when she knew an actor from the beginning which is called Derek. My mom changed her name to Bachoo based on my dad’s side of the family. That is how we came across to that specific last name. So my full name is called Steven Derek Bachoo. My mom’s last name was called Dookeran before she changed it.



    1. Who is the person who named you and why did they choose this name?

    The story behind my name did not come up during a typical baby-naming process. When my mother found out she was having a baby she was pretty excited. I was her firstborn and my father’s fourth child on his side so he had already had experience picking names for babies a. My mom told me she always wanted a girl but regardless it didn’t matter because all she cared for is a healthy baby. As time when on both of my parents decided to find a book of baby names to get the process going well preparing to find out what my gender would be. My mom was told she was having a boy and was preparing for boy names she eventually found three good ones that she felt would be perfect for me. My dad even though was considering boy names still had girl names that he liked. On my dad’s, behalf my other sibling all had common american names and my dad really had a hard time picking uncommon names for babies. So he looked for inspiration one of my father’s favorite entertainers was Lena Horne who was a famous singer, dancer, actress, and civil rights, activist. He always likes that name and my mom thought it would be cute. The day I was born I came as a surprise because I wasn’t a boy I came out as a girl. My dad knew the whole time I was a girl; Both of my parents decided to keep the name Lena but instead of the letter “e” it would be replaced with an “I”. I guess it was my dad’s effort to make my name somewhat rare even though my name is pretty common.



    2. How did you get your name?

    The name I was originally given at birth holds a real special place in my heart because it originated from my family history; and I love my whole family. My first and second names both originated from my mom’s side of the family. Fahamida is my first name, originated from my grandmother’s and aunt’s names. My grandmother was named Fam, and she named her daughter that is my Aunt after herself fam. My mother loved both my grandmother and Aunt so much; she decided to name me after them. Though my first name is not Fam, the name Fahamida did originate from the name Fam. My second Akther also came from my mother’s side of the family. Akther was my mom’s maiden name. When I was born my mom really wanted me to have a part of her original name in my name. So she decided to use her maiden name Akther for my second name. My last name Khan is the only name that originated from my father’s side of my family. Khan is my dad’s last name, and when he married my mom her last name changed from akther to the khan. Thus, when I was born, I was automatically given the last name khan.

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    2. How did you get your name? (the origin story)

    My name is Ronald Ezekiel, my parents have decided to name me after my father whose name is also Ronald. The second part of my first name was taken from the Bible, based off Ezekiel the Prophet. I’ve always had a liking towards my name as it has a biblical meaning behind it, which expresses the meaning “God Strengthens”. Through the years I’ve always been jokingly referred to as either Ronald McDonald or President Ronald Reagan. Having the same name as my father sometimes causes confusion. For instance, filling out forms and receiving phone calls for Ronald. However, majority of the time it is not a problem.


    Jason Liu

    2. How did you get your name?

    To be honest, I’m not sure if my name really has an origin, but I guess there is some story to it. When my parents were deciding to give me a name, they didn’t speak English. And when they were asked what my name was, they said “my son, my son.” I think they misheard what my parents were trying to say, and they asked if my parents had said Jason or not, and my parents replied with yes. That was the story that I heard from my parents when they gave me my name. I think my name is one of the more common ones, but I’m okay with it. My name obviously doesn’t have any meaning, as far as I’m concerned.



    3. Who is the person who named you and why did they choose this name?
    The person that gave me my name is my mother. My name translates to kindness, love and affection. My mom fell in love with the meaning and choose it because it’s different and unique. She wanted me to live up to my name and become a person who would always spread love and kindness where ever she goes. My name originates from Iran although I myself am from Uzbekistan, Samarkand.


    Hernan Marquez

    Who is the person who named you and why did they choose this name?

    My name is Hernan Marquez and my father is the one who decides to name me. According to my dad, he’s favorite conquerer is Hernan Cortez. He was Spanish and best known for conquering the Aztecs and claiming Mexico on behalf of Spain. He first served as a soldier in an expedition of Cuba led by Diego Velazquez in 1511. Therefore my father named me after him. To him, the name was perfect since it represented someone who had achievements and had significance to history. Although the letter H is involved in my name, it is silent but people mistakenly pronounce it wrong up to this day. At the end of the day, I realize the name fits me and it is unique in my opinion.


    Jamyl Capellan

    4. What is your relationship with the spelling or pronunciation of your name?

    My name is Jamyl, my mother named me and decided to spell it in a unique way. I’ve never met anyone else who spells their name like mine, I always thought my name said something about myself. It said that there’s some different about me, Most of my life people always used to mispronounce my name almost every time they saw it. From teachers to friends no one ever really knew how to pronounce it until i say it out loud. it never bothered me when people mispronounced my name I used to just let people say it the way they wanted. Over the years I just got used to it even though as I got older I understood that I shouldn’t be okay with it because no ones really gonna know who I am if they don’t know my real name.

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